Russian Special Forces in Syria

Russian Special Forces in Syria
by Stephen Lendman
They’ve been active since Russia began combating terrorism in the country in September 2015 – greatly aiding Syrian and allied ground forces turn the tide of battle in many areas.
They’re mainly involved in directing Russian aircraft to targets, according to General Alexander Dvornikov, commander of Moscow’s Syria campaign.
Last year, he said “I am not going to conceal the fact that our (elite Spetsnaz) special operations forces (KSO) are working in the territory of Syria. They are doing reconnaissance checks prior to the Russian air strikes, heading the planes to targets in remote regions as well as fulfilling other special tasks.”
They help “their Syrian colleagues plan and conduct” anti-terrorist operations, along with teaching them how to use Russian weapons.
They operate legally along with Russian aerial operations at the request of Assad’s government.
US special forces and marines in northern Syria, along with Pentagon-led coalition aerial operations, operate illegally without Damascus permission or Security Council authorization.
Russian aerial and Spetsnaz ground operations played a vital role in liberating Aleppo, Palmyra and other areas. They’re active in southern Syria near Iraqi and Jordanian border areas.
On May 24, Vladimir Putin “presented government awards to a group of Russian commandoes for holding back advancing terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo province for two days running,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained, adding: 
“Due to lack of coordination, Syrian troops had retreated in that area, leaving our military outpost on the frontline.”
“The group’s commander, a colonel and three of his officers, were invited to Moscow” to be decorated for their courageous actions.
“The colonel, referred to only by his first name, Danila, was awarded the title of the Hero of Russia. All other officers receive(d) combat decorations” without disclosing their names to protect them. 
Sixteen commandoes were involved in directing aerial operations against terrorist positions. Others are deployed for the same purpose in various parts of Syria.
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