The Latest Deceptive NYT Deep State Press Release

The Latest Deceptive NYT Deep State Press Release
by Stephen Lendman
Deep state fake news and press releases are NYT specialties. 
They’re daily features, instead of legitimate journalism, absent on major issues, mainly geopolitical ones, notably on US imperial policies, especially anything about Russia and phony allegations of its ties to Trump.
Made up stuff, or claims without credible evidence from the usual dubious unnamed sources, substitute for scrupulous truth-telling – verboten in Times reports, publishing propaganda, not real news, information and analysis.
On May 24, it headlined “Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer,” saying:
“American spies collected information last summer revealing that senior Russian intelligence and political officials were discussing how to exert influence over Donald J. Trump through his advisers, according to” unnamed US sources.
NYT accusations without evidence are baseless, part of its diabolical campaign to delegitimize Trump, wanting him ousted from office for the wrong reasons.
It’s so-called sources are likely Obama administration holdovers, leaking or inventing things to bash Trump relentlessly.
If solid evidence existed, it would have been revealed long ago. Instead, strategy appears to be a plot to destroy his presidency by a steady drip of denigrating claims – nothing credible supporting them.
No evidence suggests Russian US election hacking. Nothing indicates improper or criminal Trump team’s ties to Moscow. Nothing proves any Russian activities to influence America’s political system.
The Times claimed information in its latest report was “collected last summer,” allegedly “pass(ed) to the FBI.” Yet nothing published until now suggests it’s just the latest distorted accusation to bash Trump and Russia.
In Tuesday testimony before House Intelligence Committee members, former FBI director John Brennan lied, saying “I know what the Russians try to do. They try to suborn individuals and try to get individuals, including US individuals, to act on their behalf, wittingly or unwittingly.”
He lied accusing Putin of trying to influence the outcome of America’s 2016 presidential election – in his entire testimony presenting no evidence supporting his spurious accusations.
Trump correctly calls what’s going on a “witch hunt” featuring “fake news,” insisting no improper contacts between his team and Russia occurred – nothing disproving him.
Contacts by officials of one country with others is standard practice, certainly not improper or illegal. 
Claims otherwise attempting to connect Trump’s team nefariously with Russia are entirely spurious, without credible evidence proving otherwise. 
None exists or it would have been revealed long ago – just baseless accusations and allegations, a steady drumbeat of Russia and Trump bashing, the self-styled newspaper of record the leading scoundrel media culprit.
According to The Times, its dubious unnamed sources “agreed to discuss (their claims) only on the condition of anonymity because much of it remains highly classified, and they could be prosecuted for disclosing it.”
What rubbish! No one with any sense would leak classified information, risking prosecution. 
Making baseless accusations to bash Russia and Trump is another matter entirely – The Times conspiratorially involved in the denigrating plot.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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