Manchester Blast: Likely State-Sponsored Terrorism

Manchester Blast: Likely State-Sponsored Terrorism
by Stephen Lendman
Evidence known so far strongly indicates state-sponsored responsibility for the May 22 Manchester blast. 
ISIS claiming responsibility is baloney. Like al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, it’s supported by America, Britain, other NATO nations, Israel and other regional rogue states. Why would it bite one of the hands feeding it?
Alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi perished so is unable to tell tales. He’s a convenient patsy to blame for what happened. So are others arrested as suspected accomplices. 
The pattern is familiar, ordinary people unaware they’re being duped. Incidents like Manchester are conveniently timed against strategically chosen targets for maximum effect and what’s planned to follow.
Post-9/11 horrors are well documented. America declared endless war on humanity, targeting one sovereign independent nation after another for regime change, others yet to come.
The 9/11 incident provided a treasure trove of giveaways, showing what happened was other than the official narrative. 
The most obvious was how could a handful of terrorists outwit America’s 16 intelligence agencies, including sophisticated NSA eavesdropping on anyone or anything suspicious back then and now?
No evidence implicates ISIS, al-Qaeda or other likeminded groups for any high-profile US or European terrorist incidents – all of them false flags.
The official 9/11 story was beginning-to-end contradictions, disinformation and Big Lies – still supported by media scoundrels despite volumes of evidence proving otherwise.
Bin Laden was dying of natural causes in a Pakistan hospital, reported by CBS on 9/10/01. The New York Times and other sources reported his death in December 2001. Obama did not kill Osama. The Big Lie persists. 
The 9/11 mother of all false flags still links so-called Arab terrorists to what happened. Most named were discovered alive and well in their home countries, mainly Saudi Arabia.
Claims about Mohamed Atta’s luggage found at Boston’s Logan Airport containing “decisive evidence” about Al Qaeda’s responsibility were fake – including a Saudi passport, an alleged letter saying he planned martyrdom to go to heaven, video instructions on flying Boeing airliners, and other belongings. They were planted to blame Al Qaeda for what happened.
A key unanswered question was why Atta’s alleged luggage wasn’t on the flight he was accused of hijacking and piloting. Travelers don’t leave belongings behind when boarding flights or disembarking to reach destinations.
No one ever explained why Atta went to Portland, ME from Boston on September 10, necessitating an early return the next day to be on Flight 11.
Another passport allegedly belonging to one of the hijackers was mysteriously found near the Twin Towers site, miraculously not burned by ignited jet fuel. 
While the events of 9/11 were unfolding, Secret Service agents let George Bush remain at a Sarasota, FL school for 30 minutes after learning about the second twin tower strike. Standard procedure calls for immediately securing the president’s safety in case of potential danger.
Architects, structural engineers and other knowledgeable professionals know it’s scientifically impossible for jet fuel to heat high enough to melt or cause rigid steel columns to crumble.
Controlled demolitions destroyed both towers. Building 7 fell the same way. A likely cruise missile, not an aircraft, struck the Pentagon. No bodies or aircraft parts were found at the site.
Numerous other Big Lies and contradictions completely destroyed the official 9/11 narrative.
False flags are a longstanding Western tradition – Manchester likely the latest, the official account already beginning to unravel like explanations of similar earlier incidents.
Following a previous false flag attack, an independent media-published cartoon showed an individual dressed in black, a suicide vest strapped to his chest, his finger on the triggering mechanism, saying “s..t, I forgot my passport” – mocking the absurdity of a criminal leaving identifying documents at the scene of a crime, making it easy to be named as a convenient patsy.
Alleged Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi’s bankcard was found in his pocket, an obvious red flag, suggesting something rotten in the official narrative of what happened and who was responsible.
Abedi was ID’d by anonymous US officials hours before UK police, the most obvious red flag. Whenever a violent domestic incident makes headlines for days, drowning out other news, be very suspicious.
What happened is likely something other than what’s officially reported. Was the Manchester blast jointly planned by US and British intelligence? Was Israel’s Mossad involved?
The incident happened ahead of June 8 snap UK elections. A previous article cited a Sunday Times YouGov poll, showing Tory leader Theresa May’s lead over Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn at nine points, half her last week’s advantage, enough time left perhaps to further shrink it sufficiently to make for a close race. 
Was Monday’s blast an attempt to shore up public support for May-led Tories, a false flag aiming to assure their hold on power, portraying them as tougher on alleged terrorism than Corbyn-led Labour? 
It appears so, along with likely creating another pretext for pursuing diabolical policies. Will it work? We’ll know if Tories benefit in less than two weeks and escalated imperial wars follow. 
On Friday, G7 leaders in Sicily (including Theresa May and Trump) signed a joint declaration on countering terrorism and violent extremism.
It “priorit(izes)” the fight,  pledging to elevate efforts “to a higher effort by relentlessly preventing, investigating and prosecuting terrorist acts, the perpetrators and supporters.”
The only terrorist threat ordinary people should fear is state-sponsored – including endless imperial wars, imposition of draconian state of emergency conditions and repressive laws, resulting in loss of fundamental freedoms on the phony pretext of assuring greater security.
Who benefits from incidents like Manchester is obvious – governments able to usurp greater powers to pursue diabolical policies at home and abroad by deceiving ordinary people to believe it’s for their safety and security.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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