Trump Seeking Reset with Russia? Hold the Cheers

Trump Seeking Reset with Russia? Hold the Cheers
by Stephen Lendman
US hostility toward Russia is longstanding, unrelenting. Plans call for regime change, not normalized relations. 
The same goes for all sovereign independent states Washington doesn’t control, why so many imperial wars are waged – for power and profits.
A neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post report claims “the Trump administration (intends) re-engag(ing) on Ukraine (with Russia) in a significant way” – Secretary of State Tillerson “leading the behind-the-scenes effort.”
US-installed Ukrainian putschists and Washington undermined good faith Russian conflict resolution efforts – refusing to observe Minsk ceasefire terms, Kiev waging war on its own Donbass people, ongoing for over three years, no end of it in sight.
A previous article quoted Trump’s National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, saying “(w)e’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia.”
“If anything, we would probably look to get tougher…I think the president’s made it clear how the Russians could have the sanctions lifted…”
Bipartisan congressional members support increased sanctions. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D. NH) introduced amendments during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting to increase sanctions on Russia – based on phony allegations of US election hacking.
One will be attached to legislation related to countering nonexistent Russian meddling in Europe – the other on a measure to sanction Iran for its (legitimate) ballistic missile program along with other contrived reasons.
Shaheen’s spokesman blustered “(t)he foot-dragging on Russian sanctions has gone on long enough. There’s bipartisan agreement that it’s past time for the Senate to deliver a strong message to the Kremlin.”
This type hostile rhetoric and anti-Russia congressional actions prevent improved bilateral relations.
Washington is the obstacle, not Moscow, not Vladimir Putin, supporting world peace and stability, wanting ongoing conflicts resolved diplomatically.
Falsely accusing Russia of aggression in Ukraine, annexing its territory, meddling in US and European elections, and other disinformation undermine better relations.
Not a single member of Congress supports ending longstanding adversarial policies, at least not publicly, nor any media scoundrels, maintaining a steady drumbeat of anti-Russia hostility.
Tillerson’s reported efforts in their early stages won’t likely get far, especially with his boss in Brussels hyping a nonexistent “Russian threat,” and Washington’s bipartisan political establishment maintaining a hardline stance toward Moscow.
Resolving conflict in Ukraine requires ending US-led Western support for its rogue regime, not likely in prospect soon or longer-term.
The country under Nazi-infested putschist rule is a cancer in Europe’s heartland, a dagger aimed at Russia’s heartland, a state Washington wants as a future NATO member, sharing a near 1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia.
It’s a hotbed of militarized extremism, waging naked aggression on its own people, responsible for appalling human rights abuses – with full support and encouragement from America and key NATO allies.
With bipartisan hostility toward Russia so intense in Washington, prospects for improved bilateral relations are practically nil.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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