Syria Denounces US-Led Terror-Bombing Massacring Civilians

Syria Denounces US-Led Terror-Bombing Massacring Civilians
by Stephen Lendman
Civilians are being killed and injured daily by US-led terror-bombing – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington created and supports.
Responding to a Friday incident massacring dozens of civilians near Raqqa, Syria’s Foreign Ministry compared US-led terror-bombing to atrocities committed by ISIS and other terrorist groups.
Since the Pentagon-led aerial campaign began in September 2014, thousands of civilians were indiscriminately massacred, many others injured, countless numbers displaced.
Syrian infrastructure and government sites have been targeted, including highways, bridges, oil and gas wells, power plants, water facilities, along with public and private buildings.
Washington wants Syrian sovereignty destroyed, its leadership replaced, pro-Western puppet governance installed, another imperial trophy gained.
Interviewed by India’s Wion TV, Bashar al-Assad explained the military situation on the ground is improving, notably since Russia’s September 2015 intervention he requested.
Though still active in parts of the country, ISIS and other foreign-backed terrorist groups are retreating, Assad explained. 
Still, the danger of their extremism remains a longterm issue because of support from “Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and European and Western countries like the United States, France, and UK, mainly,” along with Israel.
Assad called what’s going on “a new era in the world where you can use terrorism, any kind of terrorism, to implement a political agenda. This is something more dangerous than any other danger that we may face in our modern world.”
It’s been US policy at least since the 1980s in Central Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere – most recently in the Philippines.
Assad: “We all know that the real mentor (of regional terrorism) is the United States,” other rogue states supporting its imperial agenda.
“The problem in the United States is about the whole political system. It’s not about one person.” 
“Trump’s election has proven again, for us, again and again, that the president is only a performer. He’s not a decision-maker.” 
“He’s part of different lobbies and the deep state or the deep regime as we can call it, who implement and dictate on the president what should he be doing, and the proof to what I’m saying is that Trump after he became president, he swallowed most of the promises and the words that he was boasting during his campaign. He made a 180 turn on nearly every promise.”
It’s impossible dealing with a leader controlled by forces more powerful than himself, America’s real policymakers, presidents fronting for them, proxies for their agenda, Trump like all the rest, Assad explained.
He denounced fabricated claims about Syria using chemical weapons, incidents by foreign-backed terrorists falsely blamed on him, his government and military.
Syria has no CWs. They were all destroyed, what he explained many times before. No evidence refutes him.
Defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups depends on ending support they get from America, NATO, Turkey, the Saudis, Qatar, Israel and Jordan.
As long as it continues, so will endless war. Asked if he believes the worst is over, he said he “hope(s) so…(T)hings…are moving in the right direction.”
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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