The Russian US Election Big Lie Just Got Bigger

The Russian US Election Hacking Big Lie Got Bigger
by Stephen Lendman
According to Bloomberg News, “Russian Cyber Hacks on (the) US electoral system (are) far greater than previously known.”
A Big Lie – utter rubbish! The CIA, and likely NSA and FBI, can cyberattack targets anywhere, making it appear to have originated elsewhere – outside America from any other designated country.
Despite months of allegations, insinuations and accusations, not a shred of evidence suggests any Russian hacking of America’s November 2016 election or any other US target. 
Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Repeated enough gets most people to believe them.
Bloomberg: “Russia’s cyberattack on the US electoral system before Donald Trump’s election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported.”
Investigators in Illinois said “cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data,” according to Bloomberg – presenting no evidence of Russian involvement in what may or may not have happened, just more baseless claims with nothing verifying them.
In December, Jill Stein’s Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania electoral recount scam ended with her discredited.
In ruling against her, Pennsylvania US District Court Judge Paul Diamond said her hacked election claim “border(ed) on the irrational.”
“(T)here is no credible evidence that any ‘hack’ occurred, and compelling evidence (shows) Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised.” Strong stuff!
Stein struck out the same way in Wisconsin and Michigan. No evidence suggests foreign hacking in any of America’s 50 states.
Not according to sources Bloomberg cited, claiming “(d)etails of the wave of attacks, in the summer and fall of 2016, were provided by three people with direct knowledge of the US investigation into the matter. In all, the Russian hackers hit systems in a total of 39 states, one of them said.”
Where’s the evidence? None was presented, just accusations with nothing backing them. Bloomberg cited the dubious Intercept report as proof of Russian hacking.
A previous article debunked what it called a leaked top secret NSA document, claiming without justification that “Russian military intelligence executed a cyberattack on at least one US voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November’s presidential election.” 
It said the document obtained was anonymously provided, “independently authenticated,” though lacking “ ‘raw’ intelligence on which” NSA claims were made.
An unnamed “US intelligence officer” cautioned about drawing conclusions from its material. Here’s a sample:
“Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate actors…executed cyber espionage operations against a named US company in August 2016, evidently to obtain information on elections-related software and hardware solutions.” 
“The actors likely used data obtained from that operation to…launch a voter registration-themed spear-phishing campaign targeting US local government organizations.”
Where’s the evidence? Claims without it are groundless. Besides, what motive could Russia have to hack America’s presidential election.
Duopoly government with two right wings rules, dirty business as usual winning all US elections. Russia and other countries have no ability to change things.
Attempting to hack America’s election system would be an exercise in futility – accomplishing nothing.
In Senate Intelligence Committee testimony, Comey repeated the Big Lie about Russian US election hacking, adding:
“They’re coming after America. They will be back.” Most significant from his testimony was admitting he unethically and maybe illegally leaked government memos about Trump to The NYT.
If government property, “a claim for criminal conduct could be made but it would be unlikely under existing precedent,” Law Professor Jonathan Turley explained.
“However, that does not mean that (his) conduct was either lawful or professional,” he added.
“(O)thers have been punished for releasing non-public information to the media…Comey and the FBI were tasked with finding” administration leakers. He’s one of them, discrediting him more than already.
As for claims about Russian US election hacking or anything else in America, ignore them.
Without proof, they’re baseless, part of longstanding Russia bashing – solely for its sovereign independence and opposition to US imperial lawlessness.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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