NYT Disinformation on Terrorism

NYT Disinformation on Terrorism
by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

America’s war on global terrorism is a fabricated hoax. The Times pretends otherwise.

It’s silent on US state terrorism, the worst kind by far. It claims Saudi Arabia and other regional countries are punishing Qatar, “ostensibly for fostering and financing Islamist terrorism,” adding:

Riyadh “has been accused of underwriting extremists…The biggest loser…may turn out to be the fight against the Islamic State. Nobody likes ISIS.”

Fact: Complicit with Washington, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and other regional rogue states actively support ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups – supplying them with funding, weapons and munitions.

Fact: Earlier, Riyadh was caught red-handed providing terrorists in Syria with toxic agents in containers marked “made in KSA (kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Fact: Riyadh is the leading Arab state supporter of ISIS, al-Nusra and other regional terrorist groups – along with Turkey, Qatar, Israel and America’s presence.

Fact: “Nobody likes ISIS” – except for Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, Doha, Israel and their rogue allies, supporting the scourge they claim to oppose.

According to The Times, Saudi Arabia and Qatar aren’t threats because America sells them weapons – without explaining they’re used for warmaking, supporting terrorism, and homeland repression.

The Times cited former US Treasury official Daniel Glaser, praising Qatar for a “good job” in preventing financing for terrorist groups. It actively supports them financially and by providing them with weapons and munitions.

The Times: Post-9/11, “Saudi Arabia has become more serious about extremism. It has taken a zero-tolerance approach to ISIS and joined the American-led coalition fighting the group.”

Fact: What rubbish! Facts on the ground are polar opposite. Riyadh is the epicenter of regional Arab terrorism – Qatar and other Arab rogue states co-conspirators.

The Times: “Iran is a bad (regional) actor.”

Fact: The Islamic Republic never attacked or threatened another nation. It’s greatly threatened by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other regional rogue states.

The Times: “American experts say that whatever Saudi Arabia or Qatar’s failings, Iran’s are worse because its involvement with extremist groups is sponsored by the government.”

“According to State Department reports, Iran finances, trains and arms Hezbollah and other Shiite forces in Syria who have committed human rights abuses in the fight to prop up Syria’s notorious butcher, President Bashar al-Assad; anti-Israeli Hezbollah forces in Lebanon; and

“Shiite militants in Bahrain.” Historically, Iran has also provided weapons, training and funding to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups.”

Fact: No responsible editors would touch this type trash – typical Times disinformation.

Fact: Iran is on the side of the angels in the region. The Times supports naked aggression committed by Washington and its rogue allies.

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