Contrasting NYT Coverage of Trump and Obama

Contrasting NYT Coverage of Trump and Obama

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both are mirror images of each other on issues mattering most. You’d never know it from Times coverage.

Both are war criminals multiple times over. They represent monied interests, serving them exclusively at the expense of beneficial social change.

Obama governed under a repressive police state apparatus. He targeted whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, and Latino immigrants, along with environmental and animal rights defenders, falsely called terrorists.

He looted the nation’s wealth, wrecked the economy, gave trillions of dollars to Wall Street crooks, war-profiteers and other corporate favorites – while consigning millions of Americans to impoverishment without jobs, homes, savings, social services or futures.

He illegally spied on Americans and others worldwide more aggressively than any of his predecessors.

He supported a rogue’s gallery of ruthless tyrants. He was called America’s deporter-in-chief for good reason, millions of largely Latino immigrants detained and expelled on his watch.

He waged war on hard won labor rights and public education. He waged class war to destroy New Deal, Fair Deal and Great Society gains.

He enforced neoliberal harshness with a vengeance. Obamacare is a scheme to ration healthcare, making a dysfunction system worse and more expensive.

His “shared sacrifice” scheme forced ordinary Americans to sacrifice so rich ones could accumulate more wealth.

He was a serial liar and moral coward. He disgraced the office he held. You’d never know it from deplorably effusive NYT praise.

The Times lauded his deplorable farewell address, saying thoughts he conveyed reflected “calm in the midst of the storm, a rock of familiarity and stability and strength.”

The handpicked audience was “forlorn…realizing the magnitude of the moment, realizing the profundity of its loss…You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

No responsible editor would permit this type rubbish to be published. Times editors featured it – a litany of disinformation and Big Lies, drowning out cold, hard, disturbing truths about a rogue US leader belonging in prison, not leading the good life he’s now enjoying.

The Times: “(I)t is impossible to argue that Obama was not a man of principle…that he did not conduct himself with dignity and respect and that he did not lead the country with those values as a guiding light.”

He betrayed the public trust from day one in office, breaking every major promise made, saying one thing, doing another – utterly contemptuous of democratic values and rule of law principles.

He was no “gentleman soldier” or worthy of other NYT praise. He remains a world-class thug, his high crimes well documented.

The Times: …”Obama was a good man and a good president. Some would argue that he was great on both counts.”

His ruthlessness speaks for itself. Times disinformation can’t change his disgraceful rap sheet – a record of high crimes against humanity at home and abroad.

Contrast its disgraceful praise for Obama with Trump bashing for the wrong reasons, ignoring plenty of glaring ones.

On July 3, it accused him of “highjack(ing) (the) American presidency,” calling him a “parasitic presiden(t),” stressing “the obscenity of it all,” adding:

“Trump himself is the offense. Everything that springs from him, every person who supports him, every staffer who shields him, every legislator who defends him, is an offense.”

“Every partisan who uses him…to advance a political agenda and, in so doing, places party over country, is an offense.” His “presence in the White House defiles it and the institution of the presidency.”

These type comments followed by more of the same give yellow journalism a bad name – The Times calling Trump a “would-be king, a madman…demonstrating…utter contempt for decency…(the) most profound electoral mistake…in our lifetimes, (maybe) ever.”

The Times said nothing about Trump’s worst offenses – his high crimes against peace, his governance under the same police state apparatus as Bush/Cheney and Obama, his one-sided corporate favoritism, his contempt for the rights and welfare of ordinary Americans while claiming otherwise.

The Times disgracefully ignored America’s fantasy democracy, its growing tyranny, its duopoly governance – a one-party state with two right wings, each taking turns running things, elections farcical when held.

Trump represents continuity, an extension of longstanding dirty politics preceding him – notably under the Clinton co-presidency, Bush/Cheney and Obama.

The problem isn’t who sits in the Oval office, in congressional leadership positions or on the high court.

It’s America’s money-controlled debauched system – too deeply corrupted and flawed to fix. Each electoral cycle, things change but stay the same – what media scoundrels like The Times never explain.

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