Strong Sino/Russia Ties: Vital Anti-Imperial Alliance

Strong Sino/Russia Ties: Vital Anti-Imperial Alliance

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China’s President Xi Jinping calls Sino/Russia ties stronger than ever, the “best in history,” both nations “each other’s most trustworthy strategic partners,” adding:

“President Putin and I have built good working relations and a close personal friendship. I will start a state visit to Russia at the invitation of President Putin. I believe the visit will inject new impetus into the development of the China-Russia relations.”

Xi commented ahead of his arrival in Moscow for a two-day state visit – followed later this week by G20 leaders meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

The alliance between both countries serves as a vital counterforce to America’s aggressive agenda, threatening world peace, perhaps more than ever before.

Neocons infesting Washington make unthinkable nuclear war possible. Their rage for unchallenged global dominance, by whatever it takes, is humanity’s greatest scourge.

On Monday, Xi and Putin met informally, followed by a “full-fledged official visit on Tuesday for bilateral talks and signing of documents on deals worth $10 billion – what Putin called “a major event in bilateral relations.”

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Xi’s visit “will have an unusual format. (Both leaders) will meet with Russian and Chinese representatives of the public, businesses and media, who will briefly inform Putin and Xi Jinping on their cooperation.”

Head of the School for Oriental Studies at the Russian Higher School of Economics University Alexei Maslov said “(t)he format of bilateral meetings has changed.”

“While previously Sino-Russian talks were of a landmark nature, including sometimes dozens and hundreds of issues on the agenda, now they are not that large-scale, but oriented towards resolving certain problems. This means that Moscow and Beijing have managed to develop mutual trust.”

Strong bilateral ties “will inspire foreign investment flow to Russia. New hi-tech infrastructure facilities will be built…”

“Chinese companies are interested in investing in Russia, while the Russian economy needs Chinese capital and advantageous deals.”

Both countries are moving toward more sophisticated cooperation through “diversification” – including joint implementation of Beijing’s hugely ambitious One Belt One Road initiative.

Russian State University for the Humanities’ Evsey Vasilyev explained frequent Putin/Xi high-level talks reflect strengthening bilateral relations, a positive development of great importance economically, politically and militarily if necessary.

Vasilyev said their strategic partnership reflects their vision for transitioning to multi-world polarity, countering Washington’s deplorable unipolar worldview.

Energy is a vital area for mutual cooperation. Major projects are important for both nations, including completion of the Power of Siberia pipeline, scheduled to be fully operational in 2018 – intended to supply around 38 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas to China annually for 30 years, according to agreed on terms between Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation.

Construction of the Power to Siberia-2 will deliver another 30 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas to China via a Western route – both projects and other major ones of huge importance to both countries.

China’s Global Times (GT) said “China and Russia are true friends,” reflecting “long-term stability of (bilateral) relations” – in contrast to “many in China (viewing America as) an unreliable partner.”

Since becoming China’s president in November 2012, Xi visited Russia six times. He and Putin met 21 times – testimony to their longterm strategic partnership and friendship.

Both leaders “consider it their most important diplomatic asset…a bulwark in dealing with a complex world,” said GT.

Putin honored Xi for his distinguished service to China and Russia with the Order of St. Andrew, one of the Russian Federation’s highest awards.

Strong bilateral relations reflect unity against humanity-threatening US imperial madness.

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