Two Examples of Deplorable Scoundrel Media Reporting

Two Examples of Deplorable Scoundrel Media Reporting
by Stephen Lendman by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The essential bottom line of responsible journalism is truth-telling – absent in scoundrel media reports, notably on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The NYT and neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post are America’s two leading print media disseminators of disinformation and fake news – featuring press agent journalism, not the real thing, disgracing themselves, betraying their readers.

On July 3, in an article on Mosul, Iraq, The NYT omitted what’s most important to explain. The city was raped and destroyed, not liberated.

Residents feared US-led terror-bombing more than ISIS, massacring thousands, injuring many more, displacing hundreds of thousands – victims of US imperial viciousness.

Iraq’s second largest city no longer exists, reduced to rubble. So-called liberated areas resemble moonscapes with no visible life.

Coverup tries suppressing the horrors of what went on – high US crimes of war and against humanity on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington created and supports.

The Times suppressed US responsibility for mass slaughter and destruction, blaming ISIS alone for what happened.

Washington bears full responsibility for horrific suffering endured by hundreds of thousands of Mosul residents – airbrushed from The Times report.

It quoted UN refugee agency in Iraq head Bruno Geddo, saying “people from (Mosul) look aghast, like someone who has gone through an experience like hell.”

“It’s like coming back from the afterworld…They have seen unspeakable violence.”

The Times, Geddo, other UN and Western officials failed to lay blame where it belongs. Washington bears full responsibility for one of history’s great crimes, accountability not forthcoming

WaPo headlined a report deplorably titled “Meet these brave Americans in Syria,” saying US combat troops “and (their) allies have routed the Islamic State from town after town.”

Fact: All US and allied forces in Syria are there illegally, responsible for naked aggression against its sovereignty and people.

Fact: They’re aiding ISIS and other terrorist fighters, not combating them.

Fact: They’re massacring Syrian civilians, destroying vital infrastructure, targeting government and allied forces – waging endless naked aggression, seeking regime change, wanting another US vassal state replacing Syrian sovereign independence.

At least 1,000 US combat troops operate on the ground (WaPo said 500), likely greater numbers not revealed, aided by Pentagon terror-bombing.

WaPo: “The Syria mission is…secret…US forces (are) winning. (They’re) passionate about (their) mission.”

WaPo’s piece reads like a Pentagon press release – disinformation, concealing the horrors of US naked aggression.

Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, are winning – defeating the scourge of America’s imperial objectives in Syria.

The liberating struggle has a long way to go because dark forces in Washington want endless war, not peace – what WaPo and other media scoundrels never explain.

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