Another US/Russia Syria Ceasefire Agreement: Hold the Cheers

Another US/Russia Syria Ceasefire Agreement: Hold the Cheers

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Earlier US agreed on ceasefires were observed only by Syria, its allied ground forces and Russia.

Washington and its terrorist foot soldiers flagrantly breached them. Will this time be different? Will America turn a new leaf from warrior nation to peace champion?

Will it renounce its war on humanity at home and abroad and become a model nation for others to emulate? Will the sun henceforth rise in the west?

Washington consistently talks peace while waging naked aggression. Chances for a durable ceasefire are no more likely now than earlier.

Straightaway in office, Trump showed he’s a warrior president like his predecessors. He infested his administration with extremist neocons, delegating warmaking authority to hawkish generals.

He inherited Obama’s war on Syria and escalated it. US terror-bombing massacres civilians daily. US special forces on the ground aid ISIS and other terrorists combat government and allied troops.

His administration has been undermining peace talks in Astana and Geneva. Months of on and off negotiations achieved no breakthroughs. None are in prospect.

Washington continues maintaining the myth of “moderate rebels.” None exist. All anti-government fighters are terrorists, cold-blooded killers, death squads imported from scores of countries.

Another dubious US/Russia ceasefire was agreed on in southwest Syria, effective July 9 at midnight local time.

In Hamburg, Germany at the G20 summit, Sergey Lavrov announced it following the meeting between Putin and Trump, saying “(t)he United States has made a commitment that all the groups present (in southern Syria – Daraa, Quneitra and Sweida) will observe the ceasefire.”

The deal is separate from the Russian-drafted agreement on de-escalation zones, details being finalized before being signed by Moscow, Iran and Turkey, Washington not part of the deal, at least not so far.

Separately, Lavrov said called Putin/Trump talks “long and substantive,” adding “both presidents are driven above all by the national interests of their countries and understand these interests in seeking mutually beneficial agreements, rather than trying to play confrontational scenarios…”

They agreed to establish a communication channel on Ukraine to work for conflict resolution according to Minsk terms Washington and Kiev putschists it installed sabotaged straightaway.

They discussed cybersecurity, combatting terrorism (Washington supports) and other issues. Agreeing to work together cooperatively is belied by implacable US hostility toward Russia.

Nothing in prospect suggests meaningful and durable improved relations. Reportedly Trump pressed Putin on (nonexistent) Russian US election hacking.

Lavrov addressed the issue, stressing during months of accusations, “not a single fact has been presented.”

“And President Trump said that he heard President Putin state clearly that it is not true, that the Russian government did not meddle” in America’s election.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov numerous times called the spurious accusation “absolutely groundless.”

The Big Lie without a leg to stand on persists. Putin’s meeting was scheduled to last from 30 minutes to an hour. It went on for over two hours, both leaders with much to discuss – maybe prelude for more talks ahead.

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