The NYT Disgracefully Suggests Putin Had Trump for Lunch

The NYT Disgracefully Suggests Putin Had Trump for Lunch

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record’s assessment of Friday’s Putin/Trump meeting didn’t surprise.

To its disgrace, The Times is an unrelenting Russia/Putin basher, a Pentagon mouthpiece cheerleader for US imperial wars, a Wall Street tool, featuring daily propaganda, not legitimate journalism.

The Times: In Hamburg, “Trump (got) lovey-dovey with the leader of a country that attacked American and French elections, that invaded Ukraine, that helped slaughter civilians in Syria, that was involved in shooting down a civilian airliner over Ukraine, that murders critics, and that brutalizes gay people in Chechnya.”

Fact: All the above accusations are bald-faced Big Lies, standard Times practice, unacceptable malice against a nation and its leadership.

The Times: Trump’s amicable meeting with Putin “was (in) sharp contrast (to his) excoriation of American journalists…”

Fact: He’s wrong on virtually everything except his take on the deplorable state of mainstream journalism in America – a national disgrace.

The Times: “Tillerson (saying) Trump had accepted Putin’s assurances that Russia had not…interfered with (America’s) election (suggests) Putin had (him) for lunch.”

Fact: No Russian interference of any kind occurred. No credible evidence indicates otherwise. None exists.

The Times: “Russia has almost no credibility left when it speaks out about Syria.”

Fact: America is the aggressor in multiple theaters, including Syria, pretending to fight terrorism while supporting it.

Fact: Russia genuinely wants terrorism defeated, combating it effectively. It respects Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity. America’s agenda is polar opposite, a rogue state seeking dominance by imperial wars.

The Times: “…Trump’s behavior fits into a long and puzzling tendency of fawning over Putin or defending his actions…”

Fact: Putin arguably is the preeminent world leader, shaming his deplorable Western counterparts.

The Times: “Trump’s campaign against CNN and the media is particularly odious because the media represent a triumph of American soft power. (America) is the world media capital. (U)dermin(ing) it…weaken(s) (US) soft power.

Fact: America’s major media defile fundamental journalistic principles, featuring misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news – not the real thing on issues mattering most.

The Times: “(T)he US since 1945…nurtur(ed) global institutions to advance peace and trade.”

Fact: America wages endless aggressive wars against nations threatening no one, toppling other governments by coups, color revolutions and assassinations. Its agenda risks catastrophic nuclear war by accident or design.

The Times: America’s “global leader(ship) is simply indispensable.”

Fact: As long as its global dominance agenda continues, world peace, stability and security remain unattainable.

The Times: “(A)s the investigation into Trump and Russian collusion and obstruction of justice continues…it will erode his political capital and make him even more unstable.”

Fact: Months of congressional and FBI investigations produced no evidence of Trump illegal or improper collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice. Nor will special counsel Robert Mueller uncover what doesn’t exist.

Times bashing is relentless, irresponsibly targeting Russia and other sovereign independent states, criticizing Trump for the wrong reasons, not the right ones – mocking legitimate journalism.

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