Putin’s Meeting with Trump

Putin’s Meeting with Trump

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Putin is a preeminent, respected world leader, overwhelmingly popular domestically.

Trump a caricature of one, a real estate tycoon out of his element on the world stage – controlled by dark forces in America, representing their diabolical imperial agenda for global dominance.

The bottom line about the first face-to-face meeting between both presidents is little or nothing was accomplished other than them having a chance to meet and exchange views on issues of mutual importance, besides publicly getting along well together.

Russia supports world peace, stability, security, and multi-world polarity, including harmony and mutual cooperation among all nations.

America’s agenda is polar opposite, wanting dominance over all other nations, using sticks, not carrots to achieve its destructive aims, war its favored strategy.

Nothing in let’s call it a mini-summit changed anything in how Washington operates or its relations with Moscow, remaining implacably hostile – neither Trump or any other US president able to change things.

Jack Kennedy wanted world peace, rapprochement with Russia, and nuclear disarmament. He paid the supreme price for challenging establishment polices. No US president after his assassination dared try.

Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia, installing pro-Western puppet rule, balkanizing the country for easier control, looting its resources and subjugating its people – hardly an agenda for improved relations.

They’re unattainable as long as dark forces control US policies, presidents and key congressional members front persons for goals they seek to achieve.

The hard truth about the state of America is scary. Neocons running things risk eventual nuclear war by accident of design.

Following Putin’s meeting with Trump, both leaders called their talks successful.

Yet the White House didn’t publish a readout on their discussion as is customary when a US president meets with a foreign leader or has a phone conversation with one.

At the same time, the White House posted readouts of Trump’s meetings with leaders from Singapore, Japan, Britain, Indonesia, Mexico, and Germany – along with remarks by the US president and China’s Xi Jinping before their meeting in Hamburg.

Commenting on Trump’s meeting with Putin, Rex Tillerson said “(t)he two presidents…rightly focused on…how do we move forward? Because it’s not clear to me that we will ever come to some agreed upon resolution of (the alleged Russian US election meddling issue) between the two nations.”

Not a hopeful sign, even though Tillerson added both leaders had a “very clear positive chemistry. Neither…wanted to stop” their discussion. It lasted over two hours, much longer than scheduled.

Separately, Trump said he had a “tremendous meeting” with Putin – with no further elaboration. He likely discovered Russia’s leader is easy to get along with.

Sergey Lavrov said he accepted Putin’s assurance that no Russian interference in America’s electoral process occurred. Most of his comments pre-and-post-election indicated this view.

Clearly no Russian meddling occurred or evidence would have been presented to prove it. No revelations were offered by America’s intelligence establishment because there’s nothing to reveal – just baseless accusations without corroboration.

At a news conference following his meeting with Trump, Putin said the US president asked him about this issue, “giv(ing) much attention to (it).”

“Russia’s stance is well-known and I reiterated it,” he stressed. “There is no reason to believe that Russia interfered in the US election process.”

“But what is important is that we have agreed that there should not be any uncertainty in this sphere, especially in the future.”

Expressing hope for better bilateral relations following Friday’s meeting, Putin understands how America operates, how hard it is for Russia or any other nation to change its longstanding practices.

Post-Hamburg, bilateral US/Russia relations remain unchanged. Judge nations and their leadership solely by their actions.

Deplorable US ones speak for themselves under Republican and Democrat administrations.

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