NYT Ravings About Putin

NYT Ravings About Putin

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If all nations had leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, world peace and stability would replace raging imperial wars in multiple theaters, other more serious ones looming, possible unthinkable nuclear war.

Not according to The NYT, a longtime imperial press agent, glorifying naked aggression, opposing world peace, cheerleading lawless US attacks on sovereign states on the phony pretexts of humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect and democracy building, a notion it deplores.

The Times: On the G20 sidelines in Hamburg, Germany, “Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man whose thumb was all over the scale that delivered Trump’s victory. It was like a father meeting his offspring.”

Fact: Contempt for truth-telling is longstanding Times practice, the above rubbish one of endless daily examples.

The Times challenged Trump saying he “never met Putin.” True enough, he earlier said he “met him once (a) long time ago, separately explaining he “got to know so many Russian leaders and the top, top people in Russia.”

So what’s the big deal? All politicians lie, saying whatever serves their interests, at times contradicting what they said earlier.

It’s important when involving major issues, not whether two people met or not, especially with no official business occurring. Trump was a private citizen when saying he earlier met Putin.

To its discredit, The Times made much ado out of nothing, gratuitously bashing him consistently for the wrong reasons, not the right ones, especially not on issues of war and peace, his high crimes in multiple theaters ignored – far more important than did he or did he not meet Putin earlier.

The Times: “Our ‘president’ is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time. Lying is his resting condition.”

“Therefore, absolutely nothing he or his team says is to be believed, ever.”

Fact: Try recalling The Times ever calling the Clintons, Bush/Cheney or Obama “pathological liar(s).” Their wars of aggression were based on Big Lies.

Fact: Their neoliberal harshness was based on deception, along with their contempt for democratic values, rule of law principles, and fundamental freedoms.

The Times: During his meeting with Putin in Hamburg, “Trump (didn’t) strongly (say) Russia attacked our elections or that (he) would seek to punish Russia. (Instead, he) let Russia…off the hook.”

Fact: The whole world knows, or should know, no Russian US election hacking occurred. The Big Lie persists, featured endlessly in NYT propaganda reports.

Fact: America’s intelligence community blaming Russia for meddling in America’s electoral process was and remains a bald-faced lie. The Times knows it but pretends otherwise.

It quoted scandalously untrustworthy CNN, an exposed fake news proliferator, saying “Russian spies are ramping up their intelligence-gathering efforts in the US, according to current and former US intelligence officials who say they have noticed an increase since the election.”

Fact: They say what they want people to believe, making stuff up, whatever serves America’s dark agenda.

Fact: No nation more intrusively spies on other nations and its own citizens than the USA, Big Brother headquartered in Washington, operating global branch offices on every continent.

The Times: “America is under sustained, possibly even accelerated, attack by a foreign power, the same one that attacked our election, and Trump not only wavers on the source of the attack, but also refuses to condemn the culprit and in fact has a penchant for praising him.”

This type rubbish represents typical Times journalism – mocking the real thing.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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