Disgraceful NYT Russia Bashing

Disgraceful NYT Russia Bashing

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On issues mattering most, NYT disinformation substitutes for responsible journalism, especially its deplorable reporting on Russia and Trump.

Facts never interfere with its daily propaganda drumbeat, outrageous Big Lies no credible editors would tolerate.

The Times: “…Putin has shown a ruthless commitment to self-preservation that relies heavily on returning Russia to a mythical place of power and glory, not in helping the West build a more stable world.”

Fact: Putin is arguably the world’s preeminent leader, a peace and stability champion, an imperial opponent, overwhelmingly supported domestically and elsewhere – US-led Western hostility not diminishing his notable stature.

Fact: America is a rogue state under Republican and undemocratic Democrat leadership – deploring peace and stability, seeking unchallenged global dominance, naked aggression and color revolutions its strategies of choice.

The Times: “Mr. Trump is noticeably more comfortable with Mr. Putin than he is with most of America’s democratic allies, despite Mr. Putin’s record of crushing domestic opponents, invading Ukraine and bombing civilians in Syria.”

Fact: The Times should welcome Trump and Putin getting along well during their only meeting so far. It should encourage a full-fledged summit and mutual cooperation on all vital issues.

Fact: It maliciously lied about Putin crushing opponents, invading Ukraine and bombing Syrian civilians. Its aerial operations scrupulously try avoiding civilian casualties.

Fact: US military terror-bombing indiscriminately massacres noncombatants in Iraq and Syria, committing high crimes of war and against humanity The Times ignores – supporting US naked aggression in multiple theaters instead of condemning it.

The Times: “Putin…threat(ens) to weaken NATO and the trans-Atlantic alliance, subvert democratic procedures and institutions in Europe and America, wage cyberwarfare, destabilize Ukraine and secure influence in Syria.”

Fact: Putin’s agenda is polar opposite this utter rubbish.

The Times: “…Mr. Putin wants all sanctions lifted now. His aides are also pressing Washington to return two diplomatic compounds in Maryland and New York that were seized as part of the Obama administration’s response to the election meddling and were reportedly used for spying.”

“But there is no reason to entertain these requests until Mr. Putin has pledged not to interfere in future American elections.”

Fact: Reportedly, illegal US sanctions weren’t discussed during Putin’s Hamburg meeting with Trump. Their imposition made Russia’s economy more self-reliant. Important Sino/Russian relations became stronger than ever.

Fact: Diplomatic compounds Obama ordered seized flagrantly violated the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Fact: Property illegally seized is protected by diplomatic immunity. US refusal so far to rectify things compounds the outrageous action.

Fact: The Times urging no return of Russian property is one of numerous examples of its contempt for international law.

The Times: “Trump (hasn’t) persuaded Mr. Putin to increase economic pressure on North Korea…to stop the dangerous face-offs with American warplanes over the Baltic Sea; or to come back into compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement of 1987 by withdrawing the deployment of a banned missile.”

Fact: More Times rubbish! Putin and China’s Xi urge resolving Korean peninsula differences diplomatically. Washington wants harsh punishments, making a bad situation worse if imposed.

Fact: America bears full responsibility for provocative actions near Russia’s borders – in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong, risking eventual direct confrontation, the threat of possible nuclear war.

Fact: No Russian INF Treaty violation occurred. Washington recklessly threatened to withdraw from the nuclear arms deal. Republicans want Trump to develop new missiles, a first step toward abandoning three decades of Russia/US INF Treaty compliance.

The Times: “(O)n a wide range of issues, Mr. Putin seems unwilling to cooperate, and Mr. Trump doesn’t much seem to care.”

Putin genuinely wants mutual cooperation with all nations on virtually all issues.

Trump is hamstrung by unrelenting bipartisan hostility toward Russia – the disturbing policy cheerled by the deplorable Times.

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