NYT Anti-Trump Rage

NYT Anti-Trump Rage

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times gratuitously bashes Trump no matter what he does or doesn’t do – mostly for the wrong reasons, not plenty of justifiable ones, notably his high crimes of war and against humanity.

The Times ignores them, inventing things to rail about, a disturbing assault on what journalism is supposed to, absent in its daily editions.

The Times: “(O)n Wednesday afternoon, President Trump found a way to impugn the integrity and threaten the livelihoods of nearly all of the country’s top law enforcement officials, including some he appointed, for one simple reason: They swore an oath to defend the Constitution, not him.”

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions endured the worst abuse (for) (r)ecusing himself…from all investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Trump said he would have chosen another attorney general if he knew this in advance, the comment enraging The Times, saying Sessions “had no real choice but to step aside.”

He acted on advice from Justice Department ethics experts and the American Bar Association.

On Thursday, he said he’ll serve “as long as that is appropriate.” His days may be numbered given Trump’s remarks, damaging their relationship.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley believes recusal was necessary “to avoid both a conflict or an appearance of a conflict…”

The most important issue is why are there congressional and FBI investigations into phony allegations of possible improper or illegal Trump team connections to Russia, along with fabricated claims of Russian US election hacking?

They have nothing to do with possible wrongdoing – everything to do with denigrating and weakening Trump for defeating Hillary, as well as longstanding Russia bashing – irresponsibly considered America’s top threat when none exists.

Turley’s point on recusal is well taken. Yet he failed to address the most important issue – the ongoing unjustifiable witch-hunt, endlessly pursued to try impeaching and removing Trump from office, while preventing improved relations with Moscow.

Trump’s shooting from the hip comments are more harmful than helpful. Turley suggests he should have authorized an independent investigation straightaway after entering office, saying:

“There is still no compelling evidence of a crime by Trump and such an investigation could clear his name…”

Given the endless pre-and-post-election furor, continuing with him as president, Turley’s advice is sound. Trump should have sought his legal counsel after entering office.

The Times: “…Mr. Trump is concerned with nothing so much as saving his own hide, which means getting rid of the Russia inquiry for good.”

The Times failed to explain why it was initiated in the first place with no credible evidence justifying it.

The self-styled newspaper of record is an embarrassment to responsible journalism – absent in what was formerly known as The New York Times Building in Times Square, New York.

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