Israel Changes Oppressive Al-Aqsa Tactics

Israel Changes Oppressive Al-Aqsa Tactics

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel’s security ministers decided to replace unacceptable metal detectors outside mosque entrances with equally unacceptable high-tech surveillance cameras – desecrating the compound’s sanctity and religious rights of Palestinian worshipers.

So-called advantaged technology/high-resolution cameras reportedly can detect “hidden objects,” including possible weapons or explosives. They’re capable of facial recognition.

Oppressive manual inspections will also be used. On Tuesday, Palestinians continued protesting against unacceptable Israeli measures.

High resolution cameras will be installed throughout Jerusalem’s Old City, a project expected to take around six months to complete.

Additional security forces were ordered deployed throughout the Old City, including outside the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Senior Muslim clerics reject new Israeli tactics, urging Palestinians to continue protesting. Islamic endowment Waqf Council chairman Sheikh Abd al-Athim Salhab said Palestinians won’t accept changes to the status quo.

Oppressive Israeli practices are part of longstanding occupation harshness. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, at least 1,090 Palestinians were injured and seven killed since July 14 – brutalized by Israeli security forces.

B’Tselem said Israel is “(p)laying with fire,” showing “sweeping disregard for the wellbeing and security of East Jerusalem residents…”

“Testimonies gathered by B’Tselem as well as video footage published in the media indicate that the police used excessive and unjustified force against the worshippers” – the deplorable way Israel always treats Palestinians.

Last Friday, police raided al-Makassed hospital in East Jerusalem, firing stun grenades and tear gas outside the facility. Medical staff and others inside were assaulted. A seriously injured patient was abducted, preventing vitally needed treatment.

Police treat nonviolent Palestinians like “enemy soldiers,” not civilians international law requires them to protect.

“This conduct is part of the way Israel controls East Jerusalem,” said B’Tselem.

“Israeli authorities view the Palestinian residents as an undesirable presence, people who are worth less, with all this implies, including the use of lethal force.”

“Nothing but comprehensive and substantive change to this regime of control, and to the reality in Jerusalem, will ensure the human rights of all the people living in the city.”

Israeli hardliners running things intend no letup in decades of brutal repression.

Viciousness against Palestinians protesting for their religious rights is the latest example – along with daily repression throughout the Territories.

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