WaPo Supports New Illegal US Sanctions on Russia

WaPo Supports New Illegal US Sanctions on Russia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

They’re aimed at preventing improved relations with Moscow, Congress overwhelmingly wanting any positive outreach by Trump undermined.

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Washington intends keeping sanctions in place “whatever we would do…even if we say we agree to anything and hoist a white flag.”

“Senators and Congresspersons will find a million excuses” to stay hardline. Russia’s geopolitical agenda prioritizes “protect(ing) international law and order.”

“Nobody will ever yield to pressure and do the things the country putting on this pressure would like to be done. It is an illegal step which does not tally with norms of international law.”

Russian upper house Federation Council Defense and Security Committee member Alexei Pushkov warned about new sanctions, saying:

If Trump signs congressional legislation, “he will not calm down his enemies. They desire his impeachment. (He’ll) inflict double damage – to relations with Russia and the European Union…”

Sanctions achieve nothing except fostering adversarial relations – what US ones are all about. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow is “extremely negative” about what’s going on. Brussels and Berlin oppose new sanctions, promising a retaliatory response if imposed.

According to the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post, imposing tough new sanctions on Russia is a “necessary response to the inexplicable affinity Mr. Trump has evinced toward the Kremlin, as well as to the continuing questions about Russia’s support for his presidential campaign.”

Fact: All unilaterally imposed sanctions are illegal.

Fact: Trump likely wanting improved relations with Moscow is perhaps the only positive thing about his tenure so far.

Fact: Near-unanimous bipartisan congressional hostility toward Russia makes rapprochement impossible to achieve.

Fact: No Russian meddling in America’s election occurred, no improper or illegal Trump team relations with Moscow.

WaPo: “For the US intelligence community, there is no…doubt (about) Moscow…interven(ing) to help Mr. Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, on the orders of Mr. Putin.”

Fact: There is “no doubt” that the above claim is a bald-faced lie. No evidence supports it. Longstanding Russia bashing is what it’s all about, along with wanting Trump weakened and removed from office.

House and Senate legislation heading for overwhelming passage this week will hamstring administration policies on Russia – making them subject to congressional approval, heightening tensions, Moscow certain to respond appropriately, a deplorable situation.

US relations with Europe are strained over this issue.

WaPo: Congressional “action is nevertheless essential. It has become all too evident that Mr. Trump cannot be trusted to protect vital US interests against persistent Russian aggression.”

“He has shown no interest in stopping Russian cyberattacks, including further assaults on the US electoral system. He appears ready to hand Mr. Putin major concessions for nothing…Why Mr. Trump pursues these actions remains a mystery. But Congress is right to limit the damage.”

No Russian aggression exists against any country, not now or earlier. No Russian cyberattacks on America or other countries.

No interference in the electoral processes of any countries. No evidence of major unilateral Trump concessions to Russia or anyone else.

No legitimate reasons exist for unilateral US sanctions on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela or any other countries.

Without Security Council authorization, they’re illegal, unacceptable, and counter-productive – used unjustifiably as a political weapon against sovereign independent states.

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