Iran to Strengthen Its Defense in Response to New Sanctions

Iran to Strengthen Its Defense in Response to New Sanctions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Iran was falsely accused of undermining regional stability, supporting terrorist groups, abusing human rights, and violating the nuclear deal by developing ballistic missiles.

Sanctions targeted its sovereign independence, its opposition to US imperial wars and Israel’s war on Palestine, along with its existence standing in the way of Israeli regional dominance partnered with Washington.

That’s what hostility toward Iran is all about, along with Big Oil wanting control of its huge hydrocarbon resources.

In response to new illegally imposed US sanctions, violating international law along with the nuclear deal’s letter and spirit, President Hassan Rouhani said “we will take any step that we deem necessary in line with the interests of our country, and we would continue our path without paying attention to (America’s) sanctions and policies,” adding:

Iranians are used to “US hostilities” and know how to counter them. For 38 years, Tehran has been targeted by illegal sanctions, bullying, false accusations and threats.

Rouhani stressed Washington can’t tolerate its sovereign independence, its pursuit of regional peace, and its wanting the Middle East denuclearized.

Iran will continue boosting its defense capability, regardless of other countries’ viewpoints, he explained.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi vowed an appropriate response to hostile sanctions, saying:

“The measure being taken by the US Congress and the new law being passed against Iran, Russia and North Korea is a blatantly hostile act against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will be met with a decisive response.”

US sanctions are “incompatible (with the JCPOA nuclear deal) which the US is committed to implementing…with good will and in a constructive atmosphere.”

On Sunday, Iranian parliamentarians overwhelmingly approved a measure to increase spending for its ballistic missile program and Quds Force arm of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps – to confront “America’s terrorist and adventurous (regional) actions.”

Parliamentarians said Washington’s Middle East military and intelligence operations support regional terrorist groups.

A committee of lawmakers is tasked with monitoring US regional activities and recommending appropriate countermeasures.

Separately on Sunday, Netanyahu and Mossad head Yossie Cohen falsely accused Iran of moving into areas freed from ISIS, saying the Islamic Republic is Israel’s greatest threat – turning truth on its head claiming it’s using the JCPOA to covertly develop nuclear weapons.

Iran abhors them. It threatens no regional or other countries. It’s very much menaced by possible US and/or Israeli aggression.

It vows to respond appropriately to any hostile acts threatening its security, notably by America or Israel.

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