WaPo’s War on Venezuela

WaPo’s War on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The neocon Washington Post is a CIA house organ, putting out its message, supporting its ruthless practices, including decades of toppling independent leaders, replacing them with US-controlled puppets.

Venezuela is in the eye of the storm, CIA-orchestrated street violence ongoing for months, along with US political and economic war, creating enormous hardships for ordinary people.

WaPo falsely and maliciously called democratic governance under Maduro “repressive and irrational.”

It lied about its democratically elected Constituent Assembly – tasked with revising or rewriting Venezuela’s constitution, aiming to restore order and preserve Bolivarian social democracy – WaPo disgracefully calling it “Maduro’s latest power grab.”

It labeled democracy in action “a phony election to install a new, rubber-stamp legislature, accompanied by a crackdown on domestic opponents.”

It cited the so-called Lima Declaration, signed by most regional countries plus Canada, all subservient to Washington, hostile to Venezuelan social democracy, an affront to its people, stepping up unacceptable pressure on the country.

It criticized Trump for suggesting possible military action, arousing regional opposition, mindful of Yankee imperialism, boosting popular support for Maduro, adding:

Trump’s loose talk gave him a chance “to change the subject from his own misrule,” citing “spiraling inflation and food shortages, the recent wave of official violence against dissidents and protesters (leaving) 125 people dead…”

Fact: Low oil prices aside, Venezuela’s woes were made in the USA, a diabolical strategy to make its economy scream.

Fact: CIA-orchestrated violence using street thugs, some equipped with gas masks, helmets and implements for stoking violence, likely Langley supplied, bear full responsibility for what’s going on.

Venezuelan society isn’t “collapsing,” as WaPo claimed. It’s been economically and violently punished for its sovereign independence, its democratic governance, its opposition to US imperial viciousness.

In service to its CIA master, WaPo represents its diabolical interests – hostile to humanity everywhere.

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