The NYT Keeps Hyping the Phony Russian Hacking Accusation

The NYT Keeps Hyping the Phony Russian Hacking Accusation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The CIA-concocted plot under John Brennan, continued under Pompeo, has two objectives – denigrating and weakening Trump for the wrong reasons, along with challenging his legitimacy, while continuing longstanding/irresponsible Russia bashing.

The latest from the self-styled newspaper of record claims malware created by a Ukrainian hacker known only as Profexer was used by Russia to hack DNC emails.

The ones in question were leaked, not hacked. No Russian interference in America’s election occurred. No evidence suggests otherwise.

The Times and other media scoundrels keep beating a dead horse because the accusation is an effective way to bash Russia and Trump at the same time.

The Times: “There is no evidence that Profexer worked, at least knowingly, for Russia’s intelligence services, but his malware apparently did.”

“That a hacking operation that Washington is convinced was orchestrated by Moscow would obtain malware from a source in Ukraine – perhaps the Kremlin’s most bitter enemy – sheds considerable light on the Russian security services’ modus operandi in what Western intelligence agencies say is their clandestine cyberwar against the United States and Europe.”

Fact: America has a long sordid history of interfering in foreign elections, wanting regimes of its choosing in charge.

Fact: No evidence suggests Russian Federation election meddling in America or anywhere else – at any time throughout its post-Soviet history, no evidence of “clandestine cyberwar against the United States and Europe.”

Accusations were fabricated. Times’ claims about Moscow “draw(ing) on talent and hacking tools where they can be found” is pure rubbish.

The Times: “Rather than training, arming and deploying hackers to carry out a specific mission like just another military unit, Fancy Bear and its twin Cozy Bear have operated more as centers for organization and financing; much of the hard work like coding is outsourced to private and often crime-tainted vendors.”

Fact: The individuals using these aliases have nothing to do with Russia’s government. According to “Inside Cyber Warfare” author Jeffrey Carr:

“There is not now and never has been a single piece of technical evidence produced that connects the malware used in the DNC attack (sic) to the GRU, FSB or any agency of the Russian government.”

The CIA under Brennan and Pompeo lied claiming otherwise. The Times linking Ukraine to nonexistent Russian hacking is a new wrinkle on the plot.

Lots of malware exists worldwide, none used to interfere in America’s electoral process.

What’ll Times and other media scoundrels concoct next to blame Russia for what never happened?

Rest assured, Russiagate phony accusations will likely persist as long as Trump remains in office – the cross he’s forced to bear for winning the election he was supposed to lose.

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