Abbas Threatens Greater Harshness on Gazans

Abbas Threatens Greater Harshness on Gazans

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Long-suffering Gazans are punished by severe Israeli collective punishment, a crime against humanity.

They’ve been besieged and blockaded by Israel for over 10 years – solely for political reasons, not security as falsely claimed.

They’ve endured three premeditated Israeli wars of aggression since December 2008. Severe humanitarian crisis conditions grip the Strip.

Abbas exacerbating them by sharply cutting Palestinian Authority funding he’s obligated to provide. Essentials to life are affected. Most seriously ill Gazans are denied PA financial approvals for travel outside the Strip for medical treatment unavailable otherwise – Israel with final say on if they’re allowed out.

Gaza faces an electricity crisis. Power generated supplies only a few hours daily – because of the PA’s failure to provide enough funding for more, disrupting water pumping stations, sewage disposal and treatment facilities, along with compromising the ability of hospitals to operate properly.

Farmers haven’t enough water to irrigate crops. Factories, other business and residential households can’t function properly.

Lack of adequate sanitation and sewage disposal polluted offshore waters, increasing chances of illnesses and diseases.

Abbas threatened worse to come, demanding Hamas yield administrative control of the Strip to PA authority – Israel likely behind the scenes orchestrating the power play.

In January 2006, Hamas was democratically elected Palestine’s legitimate government. The Israeli-controlled PA has no legitimacy, formed to serve as its enforcer, betraying its people.

PA/Hamas efforts to resolve differences were stillborn each time initiated – part of Israel’s divide and conquer strategy.

Abbas demands Hamas turn over control of its administrative committee to the PA, relinquishing control, and holding presidential and legislative elections.

Since installed by Israel as Palestine’s puppet president in 2009, Abbas refused to call elections and yield power.

Following a Ramallah meeting, he said severe PA financial cuts on Gaza were “a clear signal to the Hamas movement that it is critical that it backtracks on its procedures…to allow the national consensus government to work in the Gaza Strip and carry out general elections.”

“We clearly tell Hamas that we are ready to take back (harsh) measures” if it surrenders its authority to PA demands.

Otherwise he warned, “we will continue our measures, which will escalate.” His harshness is meant to inflict greater pain and suffering on two million Gazans than already.

Claiming otherwise is willful deception. Palestinians throughout the Territories overwhelmingly despise him. He serves his masters in Tel Aviv and Washington, not them.

In an attempt to achieve national conciliation and alleviate dire humanitarian conditions on the Strip, Hamas expressed willingness to dissolve its administrative committee if Abbas restored full financial support.

Last week, he said cuts will remain in place unless Hamas agrees to PA-mandated terms. Gazan suffering will continue anyway as long as Israel’s blockade remains in place.

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