Israeli War on Syria

Israeli War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

America and Israel are at war on Syria for regime change and elimination of Iran’s main regional ally – ahead of efforts to replace its government with pro-Western puppet rule.

Israel struck Syrian forces multiple times since Obama launched war on the country in March 2011 – most often with no acknowledgement of its aggression against a nonbelligerent state, other times for fabricated reasons.

On August 17, IDF General Amir Eshel admitted to nearly 100 cross-border attacks on Syria, mainly aerial ones, on the pretext of preventing arms reaching Hezbollah.

Israel commits daily high crimes against Palestinians, others on Syria at its discretion. Perhaps it has another full-scale war in mind – naked aggression its specialty, the way its partner in high crimes America operates.

Netanyahu and other regime officials earlier admitted to attacks on Syrian territory. Eshel’s admission is the first from a high-ranking IDF official.

“An action could be an isolated thing, small and pinpointed, or it could be an intense week involving a great many elements. Happily, this goes on under the radar,” he said.

“Aside from the direct achievement of destroying weapons designated for attacks on Israel, there is another thing that I believe is very significant,” he added:

“We had the good sense not to drag the State of Israel into wars.”

“Escalation to war is trivial in the Middle East. It is no great trick to be a bull in a china shop. When Israel has a vested interest, it acts irrespective of the risks.”

“I think that in the view of our enemies, as I understand things, (it’s) clear here and understood beyond the Middle East.”

“I am not saying that Israel should conduct preemptive strikes. That is a strategic dilemma and everything needs to be considered.”

“(T)oday we have that ability against new enemies as well as terror organizations with relatively dispersed control.”

He claimed Israel’s warmaking ability increased significantly in recent years. It’s a serial aggressor internally and abroad – allied with Washington’s imperial agenda, making regional peace unattainable as long as it’s intent on regime change in Syria and Iran.

Israel’s claim about not tolerating the presence of Hezbollah or Iranian forces on its border with Syria, or allowing any attempt to harm its sovereignty, are phony pretexts used to justify unjustifiable naked aggression against a nation posing it no threat – along with brutalizing Palestinians for wanting to live free from occupation harshness.

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