NYT War on Venezuela

NYT War on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times and other media scoundrels waged managed news disinformation war on Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 landslide presidential victory.

They support monied interests, deplore popular ones, are disgracefully hostile to Bolivarian social democracy – polar opposite how America and other Western societies are run, serving privileged interests exclusively.

Chavez was repeatedly accused of being a strongman, populist demagogue and dictator, President Maduro vilified the same way.

The Times accused Trump of throwing him a lifeline by threatening possible military against the country – strongly opposed by hemispheric countries.

When nations face foreign threats, most people support their leadership to defend them. The Times supports all US wars of aggression and others planned.

It’s militantly hostile to Trump, using any reasons to bash him, mostly invented ones to denigrate and weaken him, wanting him ousted and replaced by a traditional establishment front man like neocon Pence, still seething over Hillary’s defeat, the candidate it provided press agent services for throughout the presidential campaign.

The Times: “…Mr. Trump’s threat of military action is a lifeline for Mr. Maduro. Like other Venezuelan leaders, Mr. Maduro has used the United States to rally his people, often with specious warnings of American plots to invade.”

“On Monday, thousands of government supporters rallied in Caracas to support Mr. Maduro and denounce Mr. Trump’s ‘military option.’ “

Fact: There’s nothing “specious” about an overt threat – whether carried out or not. US belligerence rages in multiple theaters, threatening everyone everywhere.

Fact: For nearly 20 years, Washington sought regime change in Venezuela, currently waging political and economic war on the country, along with CIA-orchestrated street violence The Times disgracefully blames on Maduro.

The Times: “Mr. Maduro turned the country into an economic basket case and himself into a dictator. He modeled himself on his left-wing predecessor, Hugo Chavez.”

“The precipitous decline of Venezuela is not just a tragedy for its people, but a threat to regional stability. Mr. Trump should continue to toughen sanctions, but any lasting solution will be achieved only in concert with regional leaders.”

Low oil prices aside, Washington allied with anti-Bolivarian Venezuelan fascists bear full responsibility for political and economic chaos.

Popular opposition to America’s imperial agenda may be the best hope for preserving Venezuela’s social democracy – free from the scourge of US domination.

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