Russia Bashing by a Longtime CIA Asset

Russia Bashing by a Longtime WaPo CIA Asset

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

WaPo columnist David Ignatius takes orders from Langley, providing press agent services. So do its editors and others at the broadsheet, a virtual CIA house organ.

Former CIA analyst Mel Goodman once said for “decades, Ignatius defended the (agency’s) political assassination program, and argued that no investigation was necessary because ‘nobody had been killed.’ “

“He never condemned the CIA training of death squads in Central America, including Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador.”

“He never deplored the CIA’s Phoenix operation during the Vietnam War, when the agency ran a paramilitary campaign of interrogation, torture, and assassination that targeted many innocent victims.”

“And he never favored accountability for agency operatives who manned the secret prisons, and conducted the program of torture and abuse.”

Given his longstanding ties to the CIA, how could he earlier or now. He continues supporting its dirty work, including arguing that exposure of agency high crimes would weaken its ability to operate and cause morale problems.

Ignatius’ latest column bashed Russia irresponsibly, like so many earlier ones – perpetuating the discredited canard about Russian US election hacking, absurdly claiming a “newly vigilant” Europe against Moscow, at the same time calling Syria and Ukraine “quagmires,” adding:

Russia’s “geopolitical goals look harder to achieve now than they did a year ago.”

Fact: The phony Russian hacking accusation was discredited months ago.

Fact: Quagmire describes Washington lost cause in Afghanistan – a forever war inflicting misery on its people, unwinnable no matter how much longer it continues.

Fact: Syria is polar opposite, government and allied forces, strongly supported by Russian aerial operations, smashing ISIS and other US-supported terrorist groups – beating Washington at its dirty game, although fighting is nowhere near ending.

Fact: Ukraine is a US-installed fascist dictatorship in Europe’s heartland – Donbass freedom fighters ably defending their territory, refusing to accept tyranny.

Fact: America is deplorably revanchist, not Russia, seeking no territorial expansion. Its geopolitical goals are peace, stability and mutual cooperation among all nations – polar opposite Washington’s agenda.

Ignatius quoted a fabricated US intelligence community accusation, saying “President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election.”

Russia aimed to “denigrate” Hillary Clinton and “help…when possible” Donald Trump. A broader aim was “to undermine the US-led liberal democratic order.”

Fact: No such Putin order was issued, no campaign to influence the outcome of last year’s presidential election, no goal to denigrate Hillary, no effort to help Trump – no intent to undermine the nonexistent “US-led democratic order.”

Ignatius: “ ‘Russia’ is once again a toxic word in US politics…(a)nd Putin has nobody to blame but himself.”

Fact: America is a pariah state, not Russia. It’s growing in power and influence, America declining, making more enemies than friends.

Ignatius made a fool of himself, accusing Russia of “secretly fanning (the) firestorm” leading to the Brexit vote and alienating European leaders.

“Russia’s Internet manipulations have spawned a new push by companies and civil society groups to combat such ‘fake news,’ “ Ignatius roared.

Fake news comes from America, notably from WaPo and propagandists like himself, along with Britain, France, other Western societies and Israel – not Russia, producing credible journalism.

“Investigations have exposed groups and companies with alleged links to Russia’s hacking campaign, such as WikiLeaks,” claimed Ignatius.

WikiLeaks publishes important information Western regimes and media scoundrels like WaPo suppress.

America notoriously interferes in elections worldwide, not Russia. America is a warrior nation, Russia a peacemaker.

Ignatius and others like him produce fake news, not the real thing.

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