Israeli Rule by Oppressive Military Orders

Israeli Rule by Oppressive Military Orders

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israeli Jews are governed by civil laws. Occupied Palestinians face injustice under oppressive military orders – covering virtually everything.

Military Order (MO) 1650 defines all West Bank Palestinian residents as “infiltrators,” including native-born ones, requiring them to get IDF permits to live on their own land in their own country – making them vulnerable to dispossession or deportation at Israel’s discretion.

Palestinians without IDF-issued permits, or with expired ones, are designated infiltrators. Military authorities have wide discretion on enforcing the policy, flagrantly violating Fourth Geneva’s Article 49, prohibing:

“individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country…”

MO 329, regarding prevention of “infiltrators” was designed to deny diaspora Palestinians their international law guaranteed right of return to their homeland.

MO 1 declared Gaza and the West Bank closed military areas. A similar one was issued for Golan. Others permit Palestinian land confiscation.

MOs 811 and 847 let Jews purchase land from unwilling Palestinians through a “power of attorney.” MO 58 prohibits voiding land transfers from Palestinians to Jews even if proved invalid.

MO 7 considers all water resources on occupied land state property. MO 291 voids pre-June 1967 arrangements when differ from Israeli rules.

August 27 marks 50 years since Military Order 101 was issued, suppressing Palestinian political expression.

Without military authorization, West Bank Palestinians are prohibited from organizing or participating in a demonstration, protest, procession, assembly, vigil or other gathering of 10 or more people for a political purpose.

Violators risk arrest, detention, and imprisonment for up to 10 years, along with stiff fines for activities free societies consider fundamental rights. Anything Israel considers political is illegal – flagrantly violating international law Israel spurns with impunity.

Since 1967, thousands of Palestinians were severely punished for exercising these rights.

Displaying flags, emblems, or distributing political material is banned without military permission. So is political speech critical of occupation harshness or anything else, including songs and slogans.

Wearing a t-shirt with “I have a dream on it” is a criminal offense. So is displaying or waving a Palestinian flag.

Palestinians nearly always are guilty by accusation, judicial fairness by military judges denied them.

Last April, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society and Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said about one million Palestinians were imprisoned since Israel’s 1948 establishment – the vast majority for political reasons.

About one-third of Palestinians detained since 2015 were children and teenagers. Israel treats them as harshly as adults, flagrantly violating the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Israel is a serial international law violator, a pariah state, an apartheid one, denying Palestinians virtually every fundamental right they’re entitled to – for not being Jews.

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