China Won’t Allow War on the Korean Peninsula

China Won’t Allow War on the Korean Peninsula

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China shares an 880-mile border with North Korea. War on the peninsula would gravely harm its security – nuclear war if launched catastrophic for the region.

On Thursday, Beijing’s Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang issued a statement saying:

“China maintains its stance on the denuclearized Korean Peninsula. Military means must not become an option in the Peninsula issue.”

“We believe that all the United Nations Security Council resolutions on North Korea must specify this condition.”

Issues must be resolved through dialogue and consultation, he stressed – responding to Trump’s defiant tweet ruling out diplomacy with the DPRK, and a US/South Korean/Japanese show of force.

Six US warplanes, including two nuclear-capable B1B strategic bombers, along with South Korean and Japanese fighter jets conducted aerial operations over South Korea along with bombing drills.

Russia also rejects belligerence on the peninsula, insisting on resolving issues diplomatically.

Beijing and Moscow urge a double-freeze – a halt in provocative US, South Korean, Japanese military exercises Pyongyang believes are preparations for war, in return for the DPRK suspending its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

They also demand removal of hostile US THAAD missile systems from South Korean territory – a serious threat to their security.

Washington remains hardline, rejecting the only ways to reduce tensions on the peninsula and avoid possible war by accident or design.

Moscow and Beijing are united for regional peace – adamant about wanting the threat of war eliminated. China’s Defense Ministry’s statement was the first of its kind publicly.

China and Russia won’t tolerate war on the Korean peninsula that could go nuclear – a potential catastrophe vital to avoid.

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