Anti-Democratic Israeli Laws

Anti-Democratic Israeli Laws

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ziofascists and religious fundamentalists dominate Israel’s Knesset. It shows in deplorable racist, anti-democratic legislation, hardening repression against Palestinians.

Key measures enacted this year and in 2016 focused on land ownership and use, free expression and association, as well as civil and political rights.

In June 2016, an anti-terror law established new criminal offenses, including public expressions of support or empathy for ill-defined terrorist groups. Penalties were greatly increased.

The Settlements Regulation Law enacted in February let Israeli authorities steal vast tracts of private Palestinian land for settlement construction.

It established a process to legitimize about half of Israeli outposts, until now declared illegal by the state. It authorized 3,500 new housing units in existing illegal settlements.

In March, legislation banning foreign nationals and Palestinian BDS supporters from entering Israel was enacted. It violates the fundamental right of free expression and views on any issue.

The measure states “(n)o visa and residency permit of any type will be given to a person who is not an Israeli citizen or does not have a permit for permanent residency in the State of Israel if he, [or] the organization or entity for which he works, has knowingly issued a public call to impose a boycott on the State of Israel, as defined in the Preventing Harm to the State of Israel through Boycott Law…or has committed to participate in such a boycott.”

In March, a measure disqualifying candidates from Knesset elections was enacted, banning aspirants negating Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state” – which it’s not!

Enacted in April, the Kaminitz Law expanded regime power to demolish privately owned Palestinian homes. It authorizes prison sentences and fines for violations of discriminatory planning and building laws.

It limits judicial review by Israeli courts. The law’s main objective is preventing Palestinian construction on their own land – unauthorized without near-impossible to get permit permission. The right to appeal state rulings is practically eliminated.

In July, the NGO Foreign Funding Law was enacted, requiring these organizations receiving more than 50% of their annual budget from foreign governments to declare their sources of funding in all publications, including letters to government and public officials, as well as in reports to the Registrar of Non-Profit Associations.

Human rights groups fear the measure will chill views these organizations feel free to express, the law enacted to undermine their ability to operate effectively.

Enacted in July, the Expulsion of MKs Law lets a Knesset majority oust an MK for the remainder of the current term for alleged incitement to racism, support for an enemy state’s armed struggle and/or an Israeli designated terrorist organization.

The measure’s objective is stifling Arab MKs criticism of regime policies and/or expressing support for Syria’s war on US and Israeli supported terrorists.

Pending legislation includes the Negev Development Authority Bill to give settlements equal legal status (sic) to other area communities.

Enactment would contradict Israeli statute law, along with breaching international law and exacerbating human rights violations against Palestinians.

Other pending legislation seeks to annex settlements to Israel, one at a time or altogether. Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem was achieved this way.

A measure was introduced to deny tax-exempt status to NGOs criticizing Israeli policies, including accusing the ruling regime of committing war crimes and other human rights abuses.

A pending Cultural Loyalty Bill would require cultural institutions and artists seeking state funding to declare their loyalty to the State of Israel and its laws.

The measure targets Palestinian cultural and artistic institutions, restricting their artistic expression freedom.

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