Trump’s UN Address to Call for Action Against Nonexistent Threats

Trump’s UN Address to Call for Action Against Nonexistent Threats

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In his Tuesday General Assembly address, Trump is expected to call for international action against nonexistent North Korean and Iranian threats.

According to an unnamed White House source, he’ll focus on “world regimes that threaten security,” adding:

“Obviously one of the chief regimes that will be singled out in this regard is the regime of North Korea and all of its destabilizing hostile and dangerous behavior, as well as of course…Iran.”

“And in those two cases as well as others, an appeal to other nations to do their part in confronting these threats, and understanding it is a shared menace and that nations cannot be bystanders in history.”

“And if you don’t confront the threats now, they will only gather force and become more formidable as time passes.” Venezuela will also be addressed, according to the White House source.

Fact: North Korea, Iran and Venezuela are sovereign independent states threatening no one – opposing war, promoting peace and stability, polar opposite how America and its rogue allies operate.

Fact: US rage for unchallenged global dominance, supported by Israel and other rogue allies, is humanity’s greatest threat – the most important issue Trump’s General Assembly speech won’t address.

Fact: America’s geopolitical strategy needs enemies to justify unprecedented militarism and warmaking. None exist so they’re invented.

Trump’s address may be similar in some respects to George Bush’s 2002 state of the union speech, designating North Korea, Iran and Iraq an “axis of evil.”

In March 2003, war on Iraq was waged on the pretext of nonexistent WMDs. War plans against Iran were prepared, similar ones readied to attack North Korea, neither implemented so far.

Trump is hostage to hawkish generals running his administration’s geopolitical agenda. Instead of being a peace and stability leader, he’s the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents – at war in multiple theaters, threatening more conflicts, risking possible nuclear confrontation with North Korea, Russia, and/or China.

Trump’s UN address will likely heighten world tensions, not ease them. War is America’s favored geopolitical strategy. Who’s next on its target list?

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