Senate Approves Massive Funding for Endless US Wars of Aggression

Senate Approves Massive Funding for Endless US Wars of Aggression

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, the Senate overwhelmingly passed its version of the FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Only four undemocratic Dems and four Republicans voted against it. The bipartisan Senate Armed Services Committee unanimously approved it earlier, authorizing $700 billion for unprecedented militarism and aggressive wars against nations threatening no one.

In July, House members overwhelming passed their version, authorizing $631.5 billion. Reconciliation between both bills will finalize the FY 2018 budgeted amount, certain to be more than Trump requested.

With all related categories included, defense spending exceeds $1.5 trillion, likely much more than anyone but select insiders know, given open-checkbook black budgets, and special appropriations during virtually all fiscal years.

Key to understand is America’s rage for endless wars on humanity at a time when its only enemies are invented ones, its contempt for rule of law principles, along with its slow-motion war on social justice and fundamental freedoms, wanting them eliminated altogether.

America’s resources are earmarked for corporate handouts, banker bailouts, along with smashing one nation after another, the toll on human lives and welfare of no consequence – at home and abroad.

Fundamental freedoms interfere with bipartisan rage for unchallenged global dominance, warmaking the nation’s favored strategy, draining America’s resources, using them for raping and destroying nations at the expense of concern for the public welfare.

A modest annual defense budget alone is needed, not an annually approved monstrosity, the FY 2018 amount larger than ever.

Imagine what benefits could be achieved for all Americans by responsibly using hundreds of billions of dollars disgracefully wasted on militarism and warmaking.

Aging infrastructure could be rebuilt nationwide. Social justice could be prioritized like never before. College education to the highest levels could become tuition-free for every qualified student.

Universal healthcare could replace today’s dysfunctional system, based on the ability to pay. Homelessness and hunger would end.

A minimum income could be guaranteed for all American workers. The Constitution’s general welfare clause could become meaningful for the first time in US history.

Best of all, world peace and stability would replace endless imperial wars, responsible for millions of casualties post-9/11 alone.

Instead of being a hated pariah state, America would be a responsible model for others to emulate.

If money was eliminated from politics, and independent parties able compete on a level playing field, along with achieving the above objectives, America could become beautiful for everyone, not just its privileged few like today.

As long as the nation’s debauched system continues unaddressed, worsening over time, not improving, none of the above is attainable.

Nuclear war becomes increasingly likely, a war to end all wars, dooming us all if launched.

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