The New York Times Gives Feature Op-Ed Space to a War Criminal

The NYT Gives Feature Op-Ed Space to a War Criminal

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times is a longstanding house organ for imperial lawlessness, supporting all US wars of aggression and others planned.

Obama administration UN envoy Samantha Power’s job was lying for her country, reinventing America as a benevolent country – what it never was and never will be.

Her deplorable book titled “A Problem from Hell” ignored US genocides, focusing on actions of nations it targeted.

The late Howard Zinn challenged her responsibly, explaining “(s)he claims a moral distinction between ‘inadvertent’ killing of civilians in bombings and ‘deliberate’ targeting of civilians in suicide attacks.”

“Her position is not only illogical, but makes it easier to justify such bombings.” Her principles are reprehensible.

“The terrorism of the suicide bomber and the terrorism of aerial bombardment are indeed morally equivalent.”

In her Times op-ed, Power promoted Internet censorship, using the phony pretext of “Russian propaganda” and (nonexistent) meddling in US electoral politics.

She urged “strengthen(ing)” ways to counter Russia. Undermining digital democracy is what she has in mind.

Power: “Russia has keenly exploited our growing reliance on new media – and the absence of real umpires.”

“Last year the Russian government supplemented the growing reach of its state-owned, English-language media outlets – RT and Sputnik – by employing a network of trolls, bots and thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts that amplified damaging stories on Hillary Clinton.”

“Russia appears to have deployed similar measures in Europe. Hackers’ attempts to influence political outcomes in France and Germany have received significant attention, but interference has been widespread.”

Fact: Like other deplorable Russophobes, Power presented no evidence backing her spurious accusations. Nor has anyone else. None exists, the accusation a disgraceful Big Lie.

Her malicious deception continued, falsely claiming Russian aggression in Georgia and Ukraine, along with “attemp(ting) to deflect responsibility onto the United States for the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.”

Kiev putschists were responsible, Washington almost certainly complicit, a failed scheme to vilify Russia and Donbass freedom fighters.

Power lied claiming Russian interference in America’s presidential election is “well-documented.” Not a shred of evidence suggests it.

She lied claiming “Russian aggression” in Ukraine and Syria. Aggression is a US specialty Power supports, not how Moscow operates.

She lied claiming Russian social and other media influence America’s political process. No evidence suggests it.

RT and Sputnik News offer real news, information and analysis, polar opposite fake news The Times and other Western media feature, supporting America’s appalling agenda, its destructive war on humanity and much more, harming many millions of people at home and abroad.

Power deplorably urged undermining digital democracy, using state-approved “professional gatekeepers” to control content.

She supports Western media managed news disinformation, Big Lies and fake news – pure junk everyone should avoid.

She deplores truth-telling, journalism the way it’s supposed to be, what’s nonexistent in Western media.

Alternative sources are the only way to stay informed on vital issues.

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