Trump’s Peace Agenda: Total War

Trump’s Peace Agenda: Total War

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

He talks peace while waging endless wars of aggression on multiple countries, raping and destroying them, threatening new ones against North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

Russia and China are on Washington’s target list, the last obstacles to remove to achieve unchallenged global dominance – doomsday scenario risked if either country is attacked. Nuclear armageddon could follow.

Permanent war is America’s longstanding policy. No nation in world history matches its threat to humanity, its survival uncertain if US rampaging isn’t stopped.

On September 18, Foreign Policy magazine reported “US bombs are falling in record numbers” in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

In Syria and Iraq, terror-bombing in August alone exceeded any previous month since US warplanes attacked both countries in 2014, on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, proof Washington wants endless war, not resolution in all active theaters.

In Afghanistan, US terror-bombing is greater than any time since 2012. After 16 years of endless war, the objective is keep waging it, not winning.

The war was lost years ago, when Washington had 100,000 combat troops there, supplemented by terror-bombing. Now around 11,000 are deployed to the country, three or four thousand more coming, maybe additional numbers ahead.

Nearly 550,000 US forces couldn’t defeat the Vietnamese, wanting their country back. Nor will America defeat Taliban fighters, no matter its troop strength on the ground. Another 16 years of war won’t change things.

In Yemen, US terror-bombing increased greatly over 2016, mass destruction and civilian massacres increased this year in all US war theaters.

Trump delegated warmaking to hawkish generals. It shows in their indifference to human life, civilians mostly harmed, defenseless men, women and children.

Is North Korea next to be struck? Will Trump risk nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, embroiling the region if launched, China likely intervening to protect its security, Russia perhaps as well?

Is Iran high on Trump’s target list? Will he risk ballistic missiles striking Israel and US regional forces? If requested, Russia would likely intervene the way it came to Syria’s aid combating US-supported terrorists.

China warned it won’t remain neutral if Washington attacks the DPRK, a threat the Trump administration understands well.

Chances for East/West clashes are ominously real, risking greater ones, possible global war if America’s rogue agenda continues unchecked.

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