The NYT Supports Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro

The NYT Supports Ousting Venezuelan President Maduro

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times and other media scoundrels have been hostile to Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 landslide presidential victory.

They oppose social democracy, support wealth, power and privilege exclusively, disgracefully calling Chavez and Maduro tyrants.

The leading hemispheric ones reside in Washington. Media scoundrels endorse its imperial recklessness, its wars of aggression, wanting democratic governance in countries like Venezuela eliminated.

Maduro is Venezuela’s democratically elected president, the country the hemisphere’s model democracy, its electoral system the world’s best – polar opposite America’s sham process.

The Times is a lying machine, falsely calling democratic Venezuela a Latin American “dictatorship,” supporting Brazil’s coup d’etat regime and other hemispheric fascist ones, operating like Washington, serving privileged interests exclusively, exploiting ordinary people viciously.

Jorge Castaneda was Mexican Foreign Minister for Vincente Fox’s neoliberal regime, supporting deploring US policies, hostile to Cuba and Venezuela. The Times gave him feature op-ed space to call for ousting Maduro

He didn’t grab total power, as Castaneda claimed. He jails felons and insurrectionists, not legitimate political opponents. He doesn’t “torture and repress…students,” or “silenc(e) critical news media outlets.”

Venezuelan media are the hemisphere’s freest, unlike how America and other Western societies operate, featuring state-sponsored propaganda, suppressing truth-telling on vital issues, alternative sources alone providing it.

Castaneda berated Maduro for “refus(ing) to step down,” absurdly urging Cuba to back his ouster. Raul Castro and Maduro are close allies, aiding each other, not about to change policy.

Cuba most of all understands what Venezuela now endures, victimized by Yankee imperialism, affecting the island state since its 1959 revolution.

Venezuela was targeted the same way throughout Chavez’s tenure, Maduro now attacked, ordinary Venezuelans suffering from US political and economic war, Trump threatening possible military intervention.

He supports replacing Cuban and Venezuelan governance with fascist tyranny. Maduro and Castro are united against US imperial viciousness, not about to change what they stand for.

The record of the self-styled newspaper of record is deplorable, yellow journalism at its worst, betraying the public trust, on the wrong side of issues mattering most – featuring scoundrels like Castaneda instead of responsible truth-tellers.

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