Geoffrey M. Young: Progressive Democrat for Congress

Geoffrey M. Young: Progressive Democrat for Congress

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Geoff is a political anomaly, a true progressive, the real McCoy, saying what he means forthrightly and meaning what he says, no doubletalk so commonplace in Washington.

If Congress had a majority like him and a peacemaker like Jack Kennedy in the White House, imperial wars would end, world peace would be waged, progressive politics would dominate the Washington landscape – polar opposite its bipartisan neocon infestation.

Geoff hopes to represent Central and Eastern Kentucky in Congress. He’d be guaranteed my vote if I lived in his district.

Chicago is miles away, its federal, state and local political class disgraceful – on the wrong side of everything Geoff and I stand for, a world at peace, a nation fit to live in, serving all its people equitably, not just its privileged few like today.

Geoff is an MIT graduate. Two decades earlier, I went to college up the street a mile or two at that other Cambridge, MA university, the one scorning Chelsea Manning, including me on a fake news site with the most highly respected independent web sites I know – honoring me and them by its insolence, disgracing itself at the same time, mocking the school’s VERITAS (truth) motto.

Geoff is a proud anti-war activist. He and others staged a 1985 sit-in at the office of Mitch McConnell, current Senate majority leader, a deplorable character, on the wrong side of vital issues like most others in Congress and the deplorable Trump team – supporting privilege exclusively, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, abhorring peace, equity and justice for all.

In 2008, Geoff and other activists tried placing Dick Cheney under arrest for waging naked aggression on Iraq after raping Afghanistan.

He spent years “promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for Kentucky’s state energy office, an agency now called the Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI). He was the Assistant Director for most of that time and participated in more than a dozen utility company cases before the Public Service Commission (PSC),” his web site explained.

Later he was involved in a Sierra Club initiative to help improve energy efficiency in East Kentucky.

He’s done other progressive work, including involvement in forming the state’s Green Party. Now he’s a progressive Democrat.

Wage peace, not war. Fund infrastructure, not weapons and munitions procurement. End the racist war on drugs. Stop supporting terrorists in Syria and elsewhere, Geoff urges.

He’s a real Democrat, not an undemocratic one, on the right side of vital issues, a candidate who’ll serve with honor and distinction in Congress, delivering what he promises.

Isn’t that what politics should be all about, serving the electorate, all of it, not special interests alone the way it works now in Washington – why America is a pariah state, a fantasy democracy, not the real thing.

My best to you, Geoff, in your congressional race next year. Get elected! Shake up the House with your anti-war advocacy when it’s most needed!

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