Syrian Foreign Minister’s Impassioned UN Address

Syrian Foreign Minister’s Impassioned UN Address

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Syria and its people are victims of US aggression – ISIS and likeminded terrorists used as imperial foot soldiers, along with Pentagon-led terror-bombing since September 2014, massacring tens of thousands of civilians, destroying vital infrastructure on the phony pretext of combating the Islamic State Washington supports.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem used his UN address to blast America and its rogue allies, while expressing gratitude to Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah for their vital support – combating the scourge of terrorism Washington supports.

Obama’s war, now Trump’s, has been raging for six-and-a-half years, ongoing because America rejects peace, wanting regime change, Syria transformed into a US vassal state, puppet governance replacing its sovereign independence.

Millions of Syrians remain internally and externally displaced. Humanitarian crisis conditions persist, aid forthcoming only from Russia and Iran.

None from Washington. None from other Western countries. None from regional ones besides Iran. Practically none from the UN.

Moualem explained “a persistent standoff between two sets of forces: forces that seek to control and dominate nations and their riches, by turning back the clock, re-establishing a unipolar world order, fueling chaos and war, and violating international and humanitarian laws: and opposite forces that work tirelessly to create a more balanced, secure, and just world, one that respects the sovereignty of the states and the right of peoples to exercise self-determination and build their own future.”

It’s clear which nations he means on each side. “Syria is determined, more than ever, to eradicate terrorism from every part of the country, without exception, thanks to the sacrifices of our army and the steadfastness of our people,” Moualem continued.

His nation has two objectives – eliminating the scourge of US-supported terrorism, along with preserving and protecting its sovereign independence and territorial integrity.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah share the same objectives. America and its rogue allies oppose them.

Syrian and allied forces have come a long way from earlier times, on the offensive, smashing terrorists, liberating cities, towns and villages from their scourge.

Turkey remains an enemy of Syria, not an ally or neutral party. “Erdogan has persisted in (his) aggression…under the illusion that terrorism will help serve its subversive agendas in Syria and the countries of the region. Turkey’s position stands in stark contrast to the positive and constructive role played by Russia and Iran,” said Moualem.

Syria is committed to restoring peace and stability through responsible diplomacy, combating ISIS and other terrorists continuing their reign of terror on defenseless civilians.

Moualem blasted Israel for “its unscrupulous thuggish actions with full impunity,” adding:

“This usurper entity has occupied Arab territories in Palestine and the Golan for more than seventy years and has committed horrific crimes against innocent civilians.”

“It has publicly interfered in the Syrian crisis since its early days. Israel has provided all forms of support to Takfirist terrorist gangs, including funds, weapons, material, and communication equipment.”

“Israel has also bombed Syrian Army positions to serve terrorist agendas.”

“Coordination between the two was at its best when terrorist groups decided to target Syrian air defense assets used to defend Syria against Israeli aggression.”

Moualem blasted the so-called US-led coalition, massacring “innocent civilians…destroy(ing) vital infrastructure,” using banned weapons, supplying CWs to terrorists, Syria falsely blamed when they’re used.

Moualem criticized the UN’s “failure to uphold its own Charter and the principles of international law” – failing to condemn US-led aggression on Syria, complicit in its war crimes through silence, falsely blaming Damascus for responsibly defending the country and its people.

Moualem concluded saying “(t)he Syrian people have stood their ground, against all odds, because they knew that this was a war that sought to eliminate their country, and with it, their own existence.”

“They are an example to follow by any people who might face, now or in the future, similar attempts to break their will and deny them their freedom and sovereignty.”

One day, Syria will be free from the scourge of US-supported terrorism and its occupation of parts of the country – because of the commitment of its military and allied forces to continue their liberating struggle.

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