Russia Accuses US of Waging Phony War on ISIS

Russia Accuses US of Waging Phony War on ISIS

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia largely holds back blasting US involvement in Iraq and Syria instead of exposing its phony war on terror, mincing no words about it.

When it comes, criticism is welcome. On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry accused Washington of “simulating” attacks on ISIS in Iraq, faking them, the same thing going on in Syria.

Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov issued a sharp statement, saying “(t)he continuing supply of terrorists from Iraq raises serious questions about the objectives of operations against terrorists conducted in the region by aircraft of the United States and the so-called international coalition.”

Washington facilitates the flow of heavily armed ISIS fighters cross-border from Iraq to Syria. Russian aerial operations continue smashing the terrorist group, Konashenkov adding:

“The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the economic infrastructure of Daesh in Syria, and any attempts by terrorists to resume production and illegal sale of hydrocarbons in Syria are being stopped.”

“Daesh in Syria has no sources of financing arms and ammunition procurement or recruitment of mercenaries.”

In Western Iraq, the Pentagon let ISIS increase its control over areas, while redeploying fighters to Syria. Instead of combating the terrorist group, Washington actively aids it along with likeminded ones.

ISIS terrorists in their Al-Mayadeen, Syria stronghold are being resupplied with heavy weapons and new fighters. Washington actively tries obstructing efforts by Syrian ground forces and Russian airpower to defeat them.

Russia intensified its aerial operations, striking ISIS convoys heading from Iraq to Syria scores of times daily. Syrian ground forces continue liberating more areas.

Elite Tiger Forces stormed Al-Mayadeen, destroying ISIS positions. Fighting continues to free the area entirely from its US-supported scourge, Russian aerial operations aiding the offensive by bombing ISIS supply lines.

Its defeat is certain. Their choice is surrendering or dying. Washington continues trying to prevent the inevitable.

Separately, a Russian Su-24 aircraft veered off the Khmeymim airfield runway while attempting a takeoff. With no time to eject, two crew members perished.

A technical malfunction may have caused the crash. No ground facilities were destroyed.

Last November and December, two Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier warplanes were lost at sea. Earlier last year, a Russian helicopter crashed near Homs, both pilots killed.

Russian casualties in Syria have been modest – 36 military personnel and contractors this year through August, the current number slightly higher.

A Final Comment

Turkey can never be trusted. The Arabic-language Smart news cited unnamed sources, saying scores of Jeish al-Islam terrorists arrived in the country to participate with Turkish forces in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province.

Around 2,000 of these terrorists operate from southern Turkey’s Antakya military base, according to the report.

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