Neocon Nikki Haley the Dark Force Behind Trump’s Decertification of Iran Nuclear Deal?

Neocon Nikki Haley the Dark Force Behind Trump’s Decertification of Iran Nuclear Deal?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Haley reportedly was Trump’s first choice for secretary of state, a war goddess Hillary clone, a Ziofascist, a recklessly dangerous neocon.

Her extremism makes her unqualified for any public position. She uses her UN envoy platform to maliciously vilify sovereign independent states – notably Russia, North Korea and Iran.

Earlier she claimed she was offered the secretary of state position, turned it down, telling Trump he could find someone better.

Perhaps she’s Trump’s top choice now to replace Rex Tillerson, clearly frustrated about being left out of the loop on key geopolitical decision-making.

A previous article suggested Trump may choose CIA director Mike Pompeo, ideologically like Haley, a recklessly dangerous extremist heading an agency responsible for high crimes globally since the 1940s.

On Saturday, Sputnik News said Haley “prepared the ground” for Trump’s decertification of the Iran nuclear deal, citing Politico, saying she was his “favorite internal voice” on Iran.

A previous article discussed her early September American Enterprise Institute (AEI) address, its current and former board of trustee members comprising a rogue’s gallery of right-wing extremists.

Haley was comfortably at home, discussing the Iran nuclear deal, featuring disinformation and Big Lies, hard truths suppressed, falsely claiming the JCPOA threatens US national security and “the world.”

Her address was prelude for Trump’s on Friday, drawing heavily on her litany of lies and vilification of Iran.

Rex Tillerson and James Mattis convinced Trump to certify the nuclear deal twice. Third time around on Friday, he decertified it, based heavily on Haley’s advice.

She met with Trump in July, said “(l)et me lay the foundation for” decertification, Politico reported, citing an unnamed source allegedly familiar with what happened.

“Haley would become the administration’s most vocal public proponent of decertification – and Trump’s favorite internal voice on Iran – further boosting her standing with the president at a time when she is seen as a potential successor to Tillerson, whose tense relationship with Trump has burst into the open in recent days,” Politico reported.

Her attempt to convince the IAEA in Vienna to withhold certification failed. Her deplorable AEI address followed.

Neocon Bush/Cheney UN envoy John Bolton got Trump to say in his decertification remarks he reserved the right to cancel the deal “at any time,” according to Politico, again citing unnamed sources.

Haley got Trump to decertify the deal “while working with Congress” to revise it unilaterally, the president wanting unacceptably tough new provisions added.

The JCPOA is an international agreement, America a signatory. No nation may legally change the deal unilaterally. Iran, all P5+1 countries, other than Washington, and the world community hopefully won’t tolerate revisions.

Haley reports to Tillerson and Trump. She and Washington’s chief diplomat are polar opposites on key issues. Tillerson opposed her Vienna trip.

She went anyway. Trump approved her going. Politico noted friction between her and Tillerson. Most cabinet officials “cautioned Trump against” decertification, the publication reported. Pompeo, Haley and Pence oppose the deal.

In his deplorable UN General Assembly address, Trump called it “an embarrassment to the United States,” strongly indicating decertification was coming – Haley’s fingerprints all over his remarks.

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