Trump’s Hostility Toward Iran and North Korea Risks War

Trump’s Hostility Toward Iran and North Korea Risks War

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump is militantly hostile to North Korea and Iran. Confrontation with either or both countries would be catastrophic.

His extreme rhetoric is cause for great concern. His neocon-infested administration is capable of anything.

Threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea, a nation justifiably concerned about self-defense, sounded like the ravings of a madman. He may mean what he says, risking unthinkable nuclear war on the peninsula, endangering the entire region if launched.

Extreme malice toward Iran was clear in his Friday address, disgracefully decertifying the nuclear deal as expected, threatening to walk away from it entirely if Congress fails to unilaterally change it, a gross breach of international law if it tries, an international agreement no single country can alter.

His address sounded like prelude to direct confrontation, war plans drawn long ago, revised over time, likely updated since Trump took office.

A president against endless wars, wasting trillions of dollars, while campaigning, is now a serial aggressor, a threat to world peace, a lunatic with his finger on the nuclear trigger, maybe eager to squeeze it.

Iran and North Korea threaten no other countries, not America, its allies or any others. Claims otherwise by Trump, hawkish neocons in his administration, and others in Washington are bald-faced lies.

The threat of more wars on two new fronts is real. A nation permanently at war seeks new countries to target. No country ever threatened humanity more than America, an out-of-control rogue state.

The issue with Iran and North Korea has nothing to do with claimed threats they pose. There are none. It’s solely because of their sovereign independence.

America doesn’t control them. Israel can’t dominate the Middle East (along with Washington’s presence) as long as Iran remains sovereign and free from imperial domination.

On Friday, the Pentagon said it’s reviewing its military readiness to support Trump’s hostile position on Iran, suggesting a confrontational approach ahead.

According to spokesperson Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, the Pentagon is “identifying new areas where we will work with allies to put pressure on the Iranian regime, neutralize its destabilizing influences, and constrain its aggressive power projection, particularly its support for terrorist groups and militants.”

Fact: Iran seeks cooperative relations with all nations.

Fact: It actively combats regional terrorists Washington and its rogue allies support.

Fact: It projects no “aggressive power,” a US specialty, threatening everyone everywhere at home and abroad.

Other accusations against Iran are false. Its ballistic missile program is entirely legitimate, capable of carrying conventional warheads only, not nuclear ones, much like many other countries Washington doesn’t criticize.

It deplores nuclear weapons, wants the region free from them, Israel the Middle East’s only armed and dangerous nuclear power, along with America’s presence.

The Islamic Republic doesn’t wage cyberwar on any nations. America and Israel target countries they oppose this way.

Iranian vessels operate peacefully in the Persian Gulf. Washington’s presence is hostile.

Tehran justifiably opposes Israel’s oppressive occupation of Palestine, its belligerence and threat to world peace.

Washington and Israel partner in its other’s wars, a true axis of evil, an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Iran’s governance is polar opposite, supporting world peace and stability, opposing imperial wars.

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