Chavistas Triumph in Regional Elections

Chavistas Triumph in Regional Elections

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates won 17 out of 22 gubernatorial elections – results from one state yet to be announced.

President Maduro said voter turnout was the highest in 15 years at over 61%. Over 10 million Venezuelans voted, PSUV candidates winning a 54% majority, opposition fascists getting only 45%, 2.7 million fewer votes than in 2015 parliamentary elections.

It was significant Bolivarian triumph over US-supported dark forces, a marked turnaround from 2015, PSUV candidates getting only 43.7% of the vote.

“(T)he country has strengthened,” Maduro stressed, urging government supporters to celebrate “in peace, with respect to the adversary.”

Venezuela has the world’s best electoral system, polar opposite America’s money-controlled sham process. Maduro asked for a “100% audit” of Sunday results to confirm the outcome.

Despite a scrupulously fair and open process, opposition fascist campaign head Gerado Blyde disgracefully alleged fraud, saying “(w)e don’t recognize today’s results given by the National Electoral Council (CNE) today.”

He lied adding “(i)t is a system for cheating. It is not transparent and represents a state of abuse by those who hold power.”

“It is an unequal election process, with unbalanced results that do not reflect reality. No Venezuelan, nor the world is going to swallow the story from the government who can’t explain these results.”

He called for street protests, likely to turn violent like earlier, how fascist elements operate, supported by Washington.

Opposition spokesman Ramon Aveledo said “(t)hese results are unbelievable and inexplicable.”

Maduro called on all governors to respect the National Constituent Assembly’s (ANC) work to revise Venezuela’s constitution. Opposition fascists and Washington reject the democratic process.

Sunday voting proceeded smoothly with few technical problems. Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua sent congratulatory messages.

Bolivian President Evo Morales tweeted: “Democracy has won over intervention and conspiracy. The people defend their sovereignty and dignity.”

ANC President Delcy Rodriguez praised Sunday’s results, saying “(t)his election has allowed us to consolidate the peace and to defend (our) sovereignty.”

International observers praised the electoral process, finding no irregularities.

Venezuelan elections consistently are open, free and fair – a true democratic process.

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