Public Distrust of US Politics Not Good Enough

Public Distrust of US Politics Not Good Enough

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Political opinions without activism are worthless.

It’s why America gets away with high crimes of war and against humanity, along with homeland repression and exploitation of ordinary people, the vast majority harmed so privileged elites can benefit.

A new Washington Post/University of Maryland poll showed 70% of Americans believe political divisions are as great as during the Vietnam war.

Around 60% think Trump made the nation’s political system more dysfunctional, WaPo saying:

The poll “conducted nine months into Trump’s tumultuous presidency…reveals a starkly pessimistic view of US politics, widespread distrust of the nation’s political leaders and their ability to compromise, and an erosion of pride in the way democracy works in America.”

Most Americans are geopolitical know-nothings, ignorant about government practices, most relying on media scoundrels for news, information and opinions instead of reliable online independent sources.

US governance is ruthlessly tyrannical, a democracy in name only, fundamental rights vanishing in plain sight, a bipartisan conspiracy against constitutionally protected freedoms.

The nation’s resources are increasingly used for militarism and warmaking, social justice on the chopping block for elimination.

Class war rages. Militarized police protect the nation’s super-rich at the expense of most others.

Full-blown tyranny is likely one more major state-sponsored false flag away – followed by martial law and suspending the Constitution on the phony pretext of national and public security.

WaPo: “Trump’s arrival in the White House in January ushered in a period of big political fights – over issues including health care, taxes and immigration – and a sharp escalation in personal attacks on political opponents, over social media and elsewhere.”

“Seven in 10 Americans say the nation’s politics have reached a dangerous low point, and a majority of those believe the situation is a ‘new normal’ rather than temporary, according to the poll.”

Few Americans understand the problem isn’t Trump. It’s the deeply corrupted system too debauched to fix.

Over the last generation, it’s gotten increasingly worse with each new administration, virtually certain to continue a downward spiral under whoever succeeds Trump – if we last that long. Reckless policies make the risk of nuclear immolation dangerously high.

Had Hillary triumphed last November, nuclear war might have already erupted, Russia the prime target. It might erupt anyway with hawkish neocons in charge of policymaking.

Trump is a front man for powerful interests, more a potted plant than leader, taking orders, not giving them on vital issues, doing what he’s told, otherwise facing removal from office by impeachment or more sinister means.

Speaking for many others, one respondent said things are “just messed up now.” Around 80% of those polled called Congress dysfunctional.

A separate October 5 – 11 Gallup poll showed 80% of Americans “disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job.”

WaPo/University of Maryland results showed only 14% of Americans call ethics and honesty in Washington good – 87% saying House and Senate members “do whatever is needed to win reelection.”

Monied interests run things, voting a waste of time. Dirty business as usual always wins, dirtier than ever now, maybe disastrous ahead if hugely dangerous policies continue.

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