Tarnished Sakharov Prize

Tarnished Sakharov Prize

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Established in 1988 by the European Parliament, it’s “awarded to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the fight for human rights across the globe, drawing attention to human rights violations as well as supporting the laureates and their cause.”

No longer! Its latest award places it in disrepute, resembling Nobel Peace Prize awards, often given to notorious war criminals like Obama and Henry Kissinger.

In late October, the Sakharov Prize was disgracefully given to Venezuela’s fascist-controlled National Assembly, US-supported criminals and their cohorts responsible for months of street violence – orchestrated in Washington, along with waging political and economic war against the country’s democratic government, its social justice advocacy, and the Venezuelan people.

European Parliament president Antonio Tajani disgracefully praised fascist National Assembly members for their “exceptional contribution to the fight for human rights,” adding:

“Today we are supporting a nation’s freedom to struggle. We hereby express our full support for the National Assembly of Venezuela, the only democratically elected parliament” – denigrating the democratically elected National Constituent Assembly, legally formed to revise or rewrite the nation’s constitution.

In July 2016, the fascist-dominated National Assembly was held in contempt of court by swearing in three legislators under investigation for voter fraud.

The European Parliament’s left caucus opposed the award, its coordinator Marie-Christine Vergiat saying:

“We express our regret over the European Parliament’s decision to award this year’s Sakharov Prize to the so-called ‘Venezuelan opposition.’ “

It vowed to boycott the award ceremony, saying it “undermines any chances for dialogue but also for peace to prevail in any democracy.”

The New York Times disgracefully praised the award, calling the fascist opposition “democratic,” opposing Bolivarian social justice since established in 1999, wanting Venezuela transformed into another US vassal state.

The prize is named after noted Soviet Russian physicist/political dissident Andrei Sakharov – rolling over in his grave over this year’s award, defiling his name and principles.

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