Norman Finkelstein’s Kangaroo Court Appearance Postponed

Norman Finkelstein’s Kangaroo Court Appearance Postponed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Scheduled for November 3, it’s postponed until December 13.

A previous article explained his outrageous political persecution – stemming from what happened to his former student/friend Dr. Rudolph Baldeo, a Guyanese national, overcoming long odds to complete medical school and be board certified to practice.

Along with his Mineola, New York practice, he provided pro bono medical services in his native country and elsewhere, actions deserving high praise.

At home, he was involved in messy divorce proceedings. Finkelstein explained attorneys Michael Chetkov and Allyson Burger colluded to frame him, maliciously slandering him, lying in court, perjuring themselves, disgraceful actions warranting disbarment.

Finklestein followed proceedings in court, committed to help his persecuted friend, seeking justice he was being denied.

Police state-style recriminations followed, Finkelstein arrested on September 6 late at night, hostile detectives barging into his apartment.

He was painfully handcuffed, taken to a police precinct far from his residence, jailed in a cold cell, forced to sleep on a stone floor with no blanket, brutally treated overall.

In court the next day, he was served with an Order of Protection, forbidding any contact with attorneys Chetkof and Burger.

He’s falsely charged with aggravated harassment and “threat” – for alleged constant emails to Chetkof and Burger, “a flat-out lie,” Finkelstein explained.

If they didn’t want his legitimate emails, breaking no laws, and told him so, he’d have stopped sending them.

His arrest was outrageous intimidation, the way “vulture-lawyers” operate, bringing false charges, police complicit in enforcing them.

Blacks, Muslims and other disadvantaged Americans endure similar horrendous mistreatment and much worse, including long prison sentences on trumped up charges or minor ones too insignificant to matter.

America’s gulag prison system incarcerates countless victims for political reasons alone, not for criminality, charges against targeted individuals phony – Finkelstein targeted the same way.

If convicted next month in court, he faces up to two years in prison – for the “crime” of honorably helping his friend Dr. Baldeo avoid injustice.

Politicized injustice in America is longstanding – thousands imprisoned for their race, ethnicity, Islamic faith or political activism, an indictment of police state ruthlessness.

Explaining the postponement of his court appearance until December 13, Finkelstein thanked 15,000 individuals signing his petition for justice – saying he “personally witnessed…17 months (of) horrors,” as follows:

“How two Long Island vulture-lawyers framed, blackmailed and terrorized a penniless immigrant who made good.

How these vulture-lawyers left Dr Rudolph Baldeo homeless, penniless, and verging on suicide.

How I desperately begged and pleaded with these vulture-lawyers to accept a fair and equitable settlement.

How these vulture-lawyers wouldn’t be sated by anything less than the last bite of flesh from Dr Baldeo’s carcass.

How these vulture-lawyers then framed me on fabricated, frivolous and trumped-up charges.

Whatever Fate befalls me, I harbor no regrets.

Dr Baldeo was crucified in broad daylight.

It was my duty to rise to his defense.

Wherever and however I end up, the indelible Court record of my testimony will forever haunt Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger, as it trails them like a pitch-black shadow cast by their Evil deeds.”

A Final Comment

It’s my duty as an activist writer to defend heroic figures like Finkelstein as best I can through commentaries and speaking out.

Maybe the “vulture-lawyers” will target me next, the price paid by many in police state America for truth-telling.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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