Security Council Meeting Bashing Venezuela

Security Council Meeting Bashing Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Called for and chaired neocon Nikki Haley, Russia, China, Bolivia and Egypt refused to attend, objecting to unacceptable US meddling in Venezuelan internal affairs.

Anti-Bolivarian Organization of American States secretary general Luis Almagro attended.

So did UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein – both officials shaming themselves.

Addressing the session, Hussein disgracefully bashed Venezuela, acting like a US imperial surrogate. He irresponsibly blamed the Maduro government for combating violent (CIA-orchestrated) anti-government protests.

Turning truth on its head, he said “(w)hile my office was not in a position to confirm whether crimes against humanity had been committed, the conclusions of (his) report do not discard that such a determination could be made in the future by a properly constituted court of law.”

He lied claiming “the continued deterioration of rule of law, particularly the judiciary.” He disgraces the office he holds, mocking human rights he’s sworn to defend.

Nikki Haley unleashed a vicious anti-Venezuela tirade, comments reflecting her contempt for all sovereign independent states, falsely saying the country’s “potential is being squandered by a government that cares only for preserving its own power, rather than promoting the freedom and welfare of its people.”

Truth is polar opposite, Venezuela perhaps the only nation devoting most of its resources to funding social programs. In America and other Western societies, social justice is being systematically destroyed.

Governance in these countries is fantasy democracy. In Venezuela, it’s the real thing, an agenda America opposes, wanting US-controlled fascist tyranny replacing it.

Haley: “Our commitment to the Venezuelan people does not end with this session. We meet today to discuss peace and security. But at the heart of all this Council does is people.”

“Our message to the Venezuelan people today is not to give up on hope for a better future for yourselves and for your families. We refuse to give up hope and will not stop fighting to get your voices heard.”

Utter rubbish! US policy toward Venezuela and all other independent nations is regime change, transforming them into US vassal states, looting their resources, exploiting their people, seeking to achieve its objective by any means necessary, including naked aggression.

Haley ignored longstanding US political and economic war on Venezuela, instigating street violence, aiding opposition fascists, another coup attempt perhaps in the works to replace Maduro with a US-installed puppet.

On Monday, together with his Russian and Chinese counterparts, Bolivian UN envoy Sacha Llorenty said “(t)he situation in Venezuela is an issue that is entirely the responsibility of Venezuelans and of course does not constitute a threat to international peace and security.”

He along with Russian and Chinese UN envoys abhor foreign interference in the internal affairs of any nations. International law prohibits it.

Washington consistently breaches it, pursuing its own interests extrajudicially. Venezuelan UN envoy Rafeal Ramirez blasted America for “impos(ing) its geopolitical agenda” on other nations, a flagrant UN Charter violation.

‘(T)he United States (falsely) present(s) itself to the world as a defender of human rights when it applies the death penalty, discriminates against its minorities, mistreats and assaults immigrants, contemplates torture, has prisons like Guantanamo and a long history of wars and invasions,” Ramirez added.

America is a serial aggressor, an imperial monster, an unparalleled human rights abuser worldwide, humanity’s greatest threat.

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