No Joy in Occupied Palestine This Holiday Season

No Joy in Occupied Palestine This Holiday Season

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump is the grinch that stole Christmas, one of his many deplorable acts, betraying the public he swore to serve equitably, proving he’s like other dirty politicians.

His holiday season lumps of coal include the great GOP tax cut heist, stealing from the pockets of ordinary Americans to enrich corporate predators and super-rich ones already with too much.

Another deplorable stocking stuffer occurred Thursday, his FCC gutting Net Neutrality, killing digital democracy, letting ISP giants establish toll roads or premium lanes, charge extra for speed and free and easy access, control content, as well as stifle dissent and independent thought – a major assault on media and speech freedom.

Things were never better for corporate predators and America’s privileged class, bipartisan US governance serving them exclusively at the expense of most others.

Joy won’t arrive Christmas morning for America’s impoverished millions, its unemployed and underemployed, its homeless, its food insecure, its growing underprivileged class, struggling to make ends meet in a nation increasingly unsafe and unfit to live in.

Wealth, power, and privilege in America are prioritized over fundamental human needs. Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, hunger, and despair affect them. The world’s richest country doesn’t care.

Imperial priorities take precedence. So does redistributing wealth to bankers, war-profiteers, other corporate favorites, and super-rich households.

Class war rages, social justice on the chopping block for elimination to free up more funds for militarism, warmaking, billionaires and millionaires.

Public policy reflects a race to the bottom. Growing millions lose out so privileged ones can benefit at their expense.

Holiday season is never joyous in Occupied Palestine, harsher this year in the wake of Trump outrageously declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital, flouting international law, trashing Palestinian rights, stoking greater conflict, putting peace prospects more out-of-reach than already.

Two unnamed White House officials admitted his Jerusalem declaration temporarily derailed the (misnamed) peace process.

One said “(w)e’re prepared for derailment – temporary, I hope. Pretty sure it will be temporary.”

Another said “(a) lot of people put their heads into this decision to see how do we make this happen without at the same time throwing the peace process out of the window.”

“In terms of a moment where it could happen, where it could be the least disruptive at a moment in time, this is the moment. We know there will be some short term pain, but think it will help in the long run.”

For Israel and Washington, denying Palestinian rights serves Ziofascist interests.

AIPAC turned truth on its head, claiming Abbas “set back the cause of peace” by no longer accepting America as an honest broker in the process.

It never was. Nor have America and Israel ever been legitimate peace partners.

Both countries reject the notion while claiming otherwise, perpetuating the greatest hoax in modern times, wanting occupation harshness continued, Palestinian self-determination denied, subjugating them in perpetuity, treating them like nonpersons.

It’s been this way since the infamous 1917 Balfour Declaration, Trump’s Jerusalem declaration the latest betrayal of their fundamental rights.

His move exposed peace process deception – what never was and never will be as long as Ziofascists run America and Israel.

Trump was never serious about seeking the “ultimate deal,” the “deal of the century.”

How could he be with ultra-Zionists comprising his negotiating team – representing US/Israeli interests exclusively, intending all along to betray long-suffering Palestinians.

It’s been their curse for the past 100 years – unwanted, maligned, and brutalized, their fundamental rights denied, the world community doing nothing to help them.

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