Erdogan’s Grandstanding East Jerusalem Vow

Erdogan’s Grandstanding East Jerusalem Vow

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, President Erdogan vowed to open a Turkish embassy in East Jerusalem – following hollow recognition of the occupied city as the Palestinian capital, saying:

“We have already declared East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state but we haven’t been able to open our embassy there because Jerusalem is currently under occupation. God willing we will open our embassy there,” adding:

“Trump has declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, with an evangelist and Zionist understanding, with the logic of ‘I have done it and it’s over.’ “

“The US is also moving its embassy there. Those who have taken this step, despite UN decisions, has moved with the logic of ‘We don’t recognize you.’ Well, we don’t recognize you either.”

At an emergency December 13 session in Istanbul, Turkey, 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries declared East Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state – rhetorical recognition only, changing nothing on the ground now or ahead.

On Sunday, Erdogan vowed to “take matters into our own hands.”

Construction in Israel and the Occupied Territories requires permit permission – easy forJews to get, near impossible for Palestinians on most all of Judea and Samaria Israel wants for exclusive Jewish development only.

Building permits are required to build, make home renovations, grow crops not competing with Israeli ones, open a factory or business, import equipment, export merchandise, and for whatever else Israel decides to control – making normal life for occupied Palestinians impossible.

Israel’s repressive matrix of control dominates Palestinian life, enforced by 2,500 harsh military orders, covering virtually everything imaginable, including a virtual prohibition to build on their own land the state wants for Jews only.

Palestinian land is confiscated by declaring it “State Land.” Jews may purchase land from unwilling Palestinian owners by using a “power of attorney.”

Land transactions are immune from review as long as they’re carried out by a Jew “acting in good faith.”

Land transactions once completed may not be voided even if proved invalid. Military Order No. 1 designated the West Bank and Gaza closed military areas, occupied Golan treated the same way.

Israel considers Jerusalem its exclusive capital, defying international law, supported by America, notably after Trump’s Jerusalem declaration and intention to move the US embassy there.

Israel maintains tight control over the West Bank and East Jerusalem through an elaborate system of illegal settlements, industrial parks, commercial areas, checkpoints, control over border crossings, bypass roads for Jews only, military zones, tourist sites, no-go areas, and restricting Palestinian movements.

Erdogan’s vow for a Turkish embassy in East Jerusalem, recognizing the city as the capital of a Palestinian state, was posturing for a home audience and the Islamic world, aiming to solidify his dictatorial control while bolstering his tarnished image.

With Israeli permit permission not forthcoming, no Turkish embassy will be built in East Jerusalem or anywhere else in the Occupied Territories.

Militarized occupation and Israel’s “permit regime” maintain tight control, rights afforded solely to Jews and allies of the state, no one else.

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