The Futility of Geneva Peace Talks on Syria

The Futility of Geneva Peace Talks on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Eight rounds of talks since 2012 accomplished nothing – because Washington and its rogue allies reject peace.

Syrian UN envoy/chief negotiator Bashar al Jaafari accused Saudi Arabia of sabotaging the latest round – proxy talks like earlier ones, Syrian opposition groups refusing to negotiate face-to-face, refusing to negotiate at all, instead making unacceptable demands, the same ones rejected five years ago.

Jaafari accused Riyadh of trying to “blackmail the Geneva process…We do not put preconditions, but we object to the preconditions. Nobody can exert pressure on us,” he stressed.

He blasted pro-Western UN special envoy Steffan de Mistura, claiming a “golden opportunity” was missed in Geneva to decide the future of Syria.

Not in Geneva this round, earlier ones, or others to come if they’re held because Washington, Israel, the Saudis and their rogue allies reject diplomatic conflict resolution.

They demand regime change, Syrian sovereignty eliminated, the country partitioned, its people exploited, endless war with proxy terrorist fighters their strategy to achieve their objective – supported by US-led terror-bombing, along with occupying as much of the country’s territory as possible.

Mistura represents anti-Syrian imperial interests, falsely blaming Damascus for lack of progress, opposition representatives obstructed in every round held.

Astana talks brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey made important progress, establishing de-escalation zones in parts of the country, reducing hostilities greatly, all sides working cooperatively for conflict resolution.

Geneva talks are a waste of time. Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Mistura’s hostile assessment, disgracefully blaming Damascus for lack of progress instead of praising its full commitment for peace.

Mistura is responsible for advancing talks by removing obstacles imposed by anti-Syria representatives obstructing them.

Instead he’s part of the problem, not the solution, taking orders from Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

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