John McCain: A Human Rights Champion?

John McCain: A Human Rights Champion?

by Stephen Lendman

Sound absurd? According to the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post, he’s “a tireless voice for democracy the world over,” saying:

He “travel(s) to distant, lightly touristed corners of the world…help(ing) (to) head off a (nonexistent) Russian-inspired coup in…Montenegro…(cheered by) Libyans (for) overthrowing” Gaddafi – maybe US-installed puppet officials, no one else.

Libyans revile America and NATO for raping and destroying their country, endless violence, chaos and despair replacing equitable Jamahiriya governance.

WaPo: “(F)ormer (Myanmar) prisoners…began to cry when they heard his voice…on the Voice of America (part of US propaganda worldwide), speak(ing) for human rights.”

“He has never wavered in his support for democracy and human rights, and in his conviction that the United States needs to provide moral support to those who fight for freedom around the world.”

No responsible editors would permit publication of this utter rubbish, disgraceful material WaPo features. It long ago abandoned legitimate journalism, operating as a mouthpiece for power and privilege, cheerleading imperial lawlessness.

McCain is an unindicted war criminal, a neocon extremist, supporting wars of aggression throughout his political career – never a champion of democracy and human rights he deplores.

In 2016, he met with ISIS and al-Nusra terrorist commanders in Syria, including ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Just societies would have imprisoned him long ago. America and its deplorable media consider him a national hero.

In October, he was given a liberty medal instead of a prison sentence he deserves – at the time turning truth on its head, saying he “believe(s) in…international peace and stability and to the progress of humanity.”

He supports America’s permanent war agenda, wanting whole continents dominated,  carved up for profit, deploring peace, stability, equity and justice.”

While a North Vietnamese POW, psychiatrist Fernando Barral evaluated him, calling him “an insensitive individual without human depth,” adding:

He “does not show the slightest concern…(He doesn’t) appear to have thought about the criminal acts he committed against a population from the absolute impunity of his airplane, and that nevertheless those people saved his life, fed him, and looked after his health, and he is now healthy and strong.”

“I believe that he has bombed densely populated places for sport. I noted that he was hardened, that he spoke of banal things as if he were at a cocktail party.”

He’s been Washington’s leading neocon/war-monger for years – hard right, pro-endless wars, anti-peace and stability, dismissive of human rights and welfare.

He supports the terrorist scourge he pretends to oppose.

He’s a “tireless voice for (endless wars of aggression) the world over” – not democracy, human rights, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

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