Netanyahu’s Rage Over General Assembly Vote on Jerusalem

Netanyahu’s Rage Over General Assembly Vote on Jerusalem

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, UN General Assembly members are poised to hand him and Trump a sharp rebuke – rejecting the notion of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, spurning Palestinians’ equal right to the city for its future capital.

Reportedly, US and Israeli officials are pressuring nations to abstain or not show up for today’s vote, also asking them not to address the General Assembly on this issue. We’ll see what happens when voting concludes, likely late afternoon or this evening.

“The state of Israel rejects this vote outright,” Netanyahu fumed – calling the General Assembly representing all UN member states “a house of lies,” claiming:

“Jerusalem is our capital. We will continue to build there, and additional embassies will move to Jerusalem.”

Not likely any time soon, perhaps never as long as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict remains unresolved – hopefully never as long as Ziofascists run Israel and America, two blood-drenched rogue states at war on humanity.

America alone under Trump had the audacity to defy UN resolutions on Jerusalem, Israel an illegal occupier of historic Palestine.

Trump’s move was calculated. He didn’t act alone. He and Netanyahu conspired on his declaration. Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and perhaps Egypt decided Jerusalem doesn’t matter.

Nor do Palestinians, the public statements of these nations belying their backstage conniving.

Key for them is allying with Washington against Iran, along with supporting US imperialism. That’s where they stand to gain, not by standing tall for Jerusalem as an international city, a side issue for them, if that.

Imagine, Saudi Arabian and Bahraini officials visited Israel. The plot thickens to confront Iran at their discretion, knowing they have a powerful ally in Washington. Without it, they couldn’t act.

In America, the Middle East and most everywhere else, everything can be bought, including abandoning peace, equity and justice for the right price.

Carnage, conquest and exploitation are much more lucrative endeavors than supporting human rights and other democratic values.

The holiday season is for ordinary people to enjoy, as best they can. The bipartisan criminal class in America and elsewhere are busy plotting their next moves – at humanity’s expense.

For Palestinians, Jerusalem is sacred. They won’t tolerate losing it to an occupying power without challenging it in the cities, towns and villages of the Occupied Territories, for besieged Gazans along the border with Israel, for diaspora Palestinians in their own way wherever they are.

Friday is another day of rage, tens of thousands of Occupied Palestinians likely to come out after prayers, challenging Trump and Israel, putting their bodies on the line like many times before.

It’s too soon to know if the eruption following Trump’s declaration has staying power. It did during two intifadas.

Did Trump and Netanyahu launch a third one? The fullness of time will tell.

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