Sergey Lavrov’s Year End Straight Talk

Sergey Lavrov’s Year End Straight Talk

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Lavrov is a world-class diplomat, a true peace and stability champion, shaming his US and EU counterparts, supporting endless wars of aggression, an agenda Russia opposes.

Interviewed by Interfax on Thursday, Lavrov called 2017 “a difficult year,” the international situation dismal.

Challenges facing Russia are great, notably in conflict theaters, the risk of war on the Korean peninsula, and US hostility toward Moscow.

Lavrov: “(I)rresponsible forces in the West are fueling conflict in a bid to contain Russia and other independent centers of global influence.”

“The increasingly radical policies of some Western countries and their lack of any pragmatic basis in reality are seriously increasing pressure on international law and threatening to bring chaos to interstate relations.”

He means America and its key NATO allies, fostering hostility toward Russia, risking direct confrontation.

Lavrov justifiably praised Vladimir Putin’s “principled, honest and independent foreign policy…a positive, balanced and future-oriented international agenda…aimed at finding effective solutions to global problems.”

Key Russian foreign policy objectives include resolving conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, along with preventing war on the Korean peninsula and dealing with menacing US hostility.

They’re difficult tasks because of Washington’s belligerent global agenda, deploring peace and stability, waging endless wars of aggression, new targeted countries to be attacked at its discretion, Russia and China considered its main adversaries for refusing to bow to its will.

A positive Russian achievement is strengthened “partnership and strategic cooperation with our great neighbor China,” Lavrov explained.

Sino/Russian unity represents a vital anti-imperial force for good.

Lavrov: “In 2018, we will continue to focus on the uncompromising fight against international terrorism in line with Vladimir Putin’s well-known initiative to establish a broad anti-terrorist coalition under UN auspices.”

“We intend to continue to help scale down tensions around the Korean Peninsula in every possible way and to prevent an armed confrontation there.”

“We will do everything we can to restore peace and stability in Syria as soon as possible.”

A sustainable political settlement depends on respecting the will of the Syrian people, free from foreign interference, notably from America, Israel and their rogue partners.

Lavrov: “We continue to make our contribution to finding political and diplomatic solutions to other crises and conflicts, with which the world is, unfortunately, oversaturated.”

“We will promote the universal values of justice, honesty, wide-ranging and equitable partnership and conflict-free constructive development.”

“We will help strengthen multilateral aspects in international affairs for maintaining a more equitable and democratic world order, based on the UN Charter, reflecting and respecting the cultural-civilizational diversity of nations.”

“Our responsible and well-thought-out approaches meet with the broadest possible support. Therefore one can safely say that Russia has reinstated its historically essential role as the guarantor of global stability.”

Russia insists US forces must leave Syria once the terrorist threat is eliminated – Lavrov well aware that Washington supports the scourge it pretends to oppose, the greatest problem in trying to restore peace and stability to the country.

Security Council Resolution 2254 affirms the right of Syrians alone to decide the future of their country, including its leadership.

Asked if he’s disappointed by Trump administration’s policies toward Russia, Lavrov explained the Kremlin had no “inflated expectations” regarding bilateral relations, no illusions “entertain(ed)” after Trump’s electoral triumph.

Despite sincere Russian efforts to improve bilateral relations, Russophobic hysteria in Washington prevents it, Lavrov explained.

“We will respond to any hostile actions against Russia and our citizens in the way that is best for us,” he stressed.

At the same time, he hopes US officials will eventually “realize the futility of exerting pressure on” Russia.

Except for brief periods, it hasn’t happened since the 1917 Russian revolution.

Nothing in prospect suggests positive change ahead, further deterioration of relations likely.

America’s rage for dominance under both extremist wings of its one-party state risks unthinkable nuclear war on Russia – a doomsday scenario posing humanity’s greatest risk.

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