Trump Implacably Hostile Toward Iran

Trump Administration Implacably Hostile Toward Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite strong Security Council rejection of its position on Iran, the Trump administration remains committed to try destabilizing the country.

It’s likely heading toward abandoning the nuclear deal, along with reimposing sanctions prohibited by its adoption.

Things generally come in stages. On Friday, Rex Tillerson said Trump will “either…fix…or cancel it,” adding:

“We are in the process of trying to deliver on the promise he made to fix it.”

By January 12, Trump must again decide whether or not to certify the JCPOA nuclear deal, something he’s required to do quarterly.

Clearly recertification is off-the-table. It’s unclear what he intends next in the coming days.

According to Tillerson, he’s working with congressional leaders “on a very active basis,” wanting lawmakers to do his dirty work.

Tillerson expressed “disappoint(ment) that the European Union has not taken a more definitive stance in supporting” Washington’s position on Iran, in the Security Council on Friday.

Like extremist Nikki Haley, Mike Pence is an embarrassment to the office he holds, one of numerous Ziofascists infesting the administration and Washington.

Commenting on Iran, he recited a litany of Big Lies, falsely calling its 2009 “fraudulent,” laughably claiming “(t)he United States has long stood with those who yearn for freedom and a brighter future.”

US imperial lawlessness needs no elaboration. Nor does its homeland police state agenda, its support for privileged interests exclusively, its contempt for the rights of ordinary people at home and abroad.

Iran is no “dictatorship,” as Pence falsely claimed. It’s no “leading state sponsor of terrorism” – America its leading sponsor and proliferator.

Iranians are not “rising up” against their government. US dirty hands, likely complicit with Israel, are responsible for days of violent protests.

Pence: “The president has said that ‘oppressive regimes cannot endure forever.’ “

He’s right. Imperial America one day will meet the same fate as earlier empires before it.

China, Russia and other nations are rising. The late historian Gabriel Kolko believed US preeminence began declining after the 1950s Korean war, accelerated during years of Southeast Asia aggression, further exacerbated by Bush/Cheney wars.

Analyst Immanuel Wallerstein earlier said “(t)he economic, political and military factors that contributed to US hegemony are the same (ones) inexorably produc(ing) the coming US decline.”

The late Chalmers Johnson explained America is plagued by the same dynamic that doomed other empires unwilling to change.

Self-destructive factors include “isolation, overstretch, the uniting of local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy.”

He believed tyranny and loss of personal freedom would follow, arriving unannounced, wrapped in the American flag, heading the nation for ruin.

A nation permanently at war with invented enemies is eventually doomed by its hubris and arrogance.

Conditions already are repressive, police state laws replacing constitutional freedoms, the nation heading disturbingly toward full-blown tyranny – perhaps just another major false flag away.

America’s deplorable system is too debauched to fix. Tinkering around the edges won’t work.

Elections are farcical, voting a waste of time. Dirty business as usual always wins.

The only solution is revolutionary change. Nothing else can work. The alternatives are fascist dictatorship, its military equivalent, or demise from nuclear war.

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